• The perfect lighting for a small kitchen

      Even in the smallest kitchen, you should definitely use several light sources. The main thing is to do it right. The best combination of light sour...
    • How to choose the right size outdoor lighting?

      In this article we will tell you how to choose the right size outdoor lighting. Tip 1 THE LIGHTS BY YOUR DOOR SHOULD BE ABOUT ONE-THIRD TO ONE-QUAR...
    • How to choose a chair for the dining room?

      Chairs are an integral part of the dining room. Therefore, in this article we will tell you what you should pay attention to so that the chairs are...
    • Why do chandelier lights flicker?

      If you are not annoyed by the constant flashing of lights in the room, here is a prove in favor of fixing the problem as soon as possible. By experiment, scientists proved the negative effect of light pulsation on the body. They analyzed the psychological state of schoolchildren who studied in rooms with normal and flickering lighting. Scientists found out the flickering of light bulbs affects our health, even if we do not notice it. Technical reasons described in our blog.
    • Where can the coffee table be used?

      Such a popular piece of furniture as a coffee table has always been considered an invariable attribute of a luxurious interior. And even today, many ultra-modern apartments can`t be imagined without this universal design peace. So, where can the coffee table be used? Modern design solutions for the use of coffee tables – read in this article.

    • Which coffee table is the most suitable for you?

      Coffee tables today are an inseparable part of the living room, around which the main recreation area is formed with sofa, wardrobe, armchairs and possible appliances.

      Coffee tables perform not only a practical function, but also an aesthetic one. Therefore, there are a huge number of models based on design features, manufacturing materials, color, size and texture. It is important to understand which model of coffee table is the most suitable for you.
    • Best chandelier for small living room/bedroom

      If you can accelerate with large-scale ideas in a large space, then in conditions of limited footage you have to act with extreme accuracy. How to make a small apartment visually proportional, using the play of light and selected fixtures? When designing a small apartment, you should adhere to minimalism in order to visually expand the available area. MIRODEMI’s lighting is a stylish and convenient solution for your interior design.
    • Foyer or entryway lighting

      Lighting in your foyer or hallway may be the most important lighting in your home. First of all, this is what your guests pay attention to. Secondly, there is a safety issue here: there may be high thresholds in the hallway, so the lighting should be bright enough if you don't want your friends to get to know your floor right away. Thirdly, it is important to choose a chandelier that will meet the requirements of the correct proportion. A few useful tips from our experts will help to facilitate the searching for a solution.
    • How to combine a rug with other interior items?

      Who hasn't faced a similar problem? Obviously, first of all, you should carefully study the surrounding furniture. Choose a carpet in a tone similar to the main color background of the room, or combine contrasting shades.

      You can also focus on the shade of the floor. A harmonious combination will be obtained if contrasting colors are used: put a dark rug on a light surface, and a light one on the dark. If you plan to focus on the color of the walls, it is better to choose rugs of a similar color a couple of shades lighter or darker.

      And in order not to make the room boring and monotonous, accent tones are perfect. Any element can become a starting point when choosing an accent tone: the color of a painting, a floor lamp, a sofa, an armchair, and other things.
    • What carpet size should I choose?

      The perception of the interior depends on the size of the carpet in the room. A properly selected carpet visually expands or reduces the room, provides zoning in accordance with the purpose. 4 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Carpet:
      - Focus on the size of the room;
      - Consider the geometry of the room;
      - Focus on the carpet area;
      - Pay attention to the furniture.
      The recipe for the perfect rug for your home is in our article.
    • Most popular chandelier styles

      There is nothing surprising that today there are a huge number of trends and directions in decoration of this interior detail. It is worth noting that modern trends are not limited to several variants for modern or high-tech. There are many styles, such as: chalet, vintage, minimalism, futurism, classic, art deco, etc. Which one is right for you – we will help you figure it out.
    • Best chandelier for small bedroom

      Often such a simple process as choosing a chandelier becomes a stumbling block in completing the appearance of a small bedroom. An excellent choice for a modest-sized room is a chandelier with transparent or matte inserts that will not overhang and put pressure on the inhabitants.

      MIRODEMI presents: useful solutions for each issue.
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