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Chandelier for room with low ceiling

Lighting devices play an important role in the interior of any room, so their choice is associated with numerous nuances and criteria. Choosing a chandelier for low ceilings, significant difficulties can arise. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a chandelier for room with a low ceiling.

It is necessary to avoid buying long fixtures so that your head does not accidentally hit the bottom of the electrical equipment. After installation, the distance from the chandelier to the floor should be about 6.5 feet. Thus, if the height of your ceiling is 8.2 feet, then there is about 197 inches to install the chandelier, but if the height is 7.2 feet, then all that remains for the lamp is - then 79 inches. 

Chandelier for room with low ceiling


Which chandelier to choose for a room with a low ceiling?

- Flat chandeliers without unnecessary elements will be a good solution. The most suitable ceiling lights for low ceilings are considered to be designs measuring about 9.8 inches in height. 

Chandelier for room with low ceiling

- Visually expand the space due to the reflected surface lamps of metallic shades or with a mirror effect. 

Chandelier for room with low ceiling

- The color of the chandelier also matters: all sorts of pastel colors are suitable for low ceilings, but designers highlight shades of beige, white and yellow as the best options.

- A large chandelier in a room with low ceiling is only possible above the table. If a chandelier is requested in the room, pay attention to compact options. On those that are rigidly attached, and not swinging on a suspension. The exception to the rule is a large chandelier above the table in the center of the room, appropriate in the kitchen or dining room. It illuminates the feast correctly, and does not interfere with tall people. 

Chandelier for room with low ceiling

- Classic chandeliers of discreet colors and without catchy ornaments are a good option, but only if the shades in them are small.

- It is necessary to take into account the shape of the lamp - an elongated or wide chandelier will significantly reduce the height of the room.

- If after installing the chandelier there are dark corners in the room, then it is worth supplementing the lighting with built-in lamps or local lighting, fox example:

1. Floor lamps 

Chandelier for room with low ceiling

2. Sconces

Chandelier for room with low ceiling
- You should also pay attention to chandeliers, the angle of illumination of which can be changed and to chandeliers with a mirror reflection - so you can adjust the light yourself.
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