• Basement lighting: do the light correctly

      The need of basement lighting is much more then obvious, because there are no windows in these rooms. It is necessary to approach the organization of lighting seriously, because, according to statistics, the cause of every fifth fire is problematic wiring in the basement of the house. Let's learn how to calculate  the necessary lighting level and how to choose the lamps  for it.

    • How to choose the right size outdoor lighting?

      Do not lose with the size – one of the most painful problems associated with outdoor lighting. The front door, garage and home garden should also shine! How to choose the appropriate size of the perimeter lighting of your home - we will show and tell you everything.
    • Garage lighting

      Garage lighting is necessary for both safety and aesthetic purposes. Can't find what you've hidden in your many shelves in the garage? Is it difficult to park? Or maybe you use the garage as a workshop? Read our article for the right tips on installing additional lighting or using available natural sources.
    • Outdoor lighting

      We are all used to the fact that the design of your favorite home is best appreciated during daylight hours in direct sunlight, so you could consider any detail. But this does not mean that on the darkest night your beautiful building should be ignored, and a blooming garden will seem like a collection of gloomy hostile plants and trees. Outdoor lighting is designed to make a green or landscaped area even more attractive and bright by strategically placing lighting around your home.
    • How to prepare your backyard for summer

      Summer is the best time to gather with family or friends in a close circle. But if the summer in your region is hot enough, then daylight is not the best choice for collective gatherings. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, but do not have the time or desire to take care of flowers in the garden, a fire pit will perfectly fit into your interior and fill the coolness of the night with warmth and cosiness. Outdoor lighting will enhance the aesthetics of your backyard. The square fire pit is ideal for grilling and barbecue. The fire pit will be the perfect chill-out zone for your family and friends during the summer holidays.

    • How to choose the best outdoor lighting for garden, cottage, villa

      Well-chosen street lighting allows you to perfectly illuminate the local area, emphasize the beauty of the landscape and the design of the house. At the same time, it is very important that the lamp can easily endure temperature changes, extreme heat and cold, precipitation, wind with dust and other influences.

      But which lights are the best for you? Ground lights, pendant lamps, facade and spotlights and much more – a fairly wide range to choose from. Do you need to do everything in one style, or you can combine them? From which metal is it best to choose an item? How to protect it from weather conditions? We will help you to understand the issues you are interested in.
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