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How to choose the best chandelier for dining room/kitchen island

How to choose the best chandelier for dining room/kitchen island

Let's dive into the main criteria for choosing a chandelier for the kitchen.

  1. Models of chandeliers

The right choice of chandelier for the kitchen also depends on the size of the room. In spacious kitchens, small lamps will simply get lost, and in tiny ones, large chandeliers, on the contrary, will seem bulky. Therefore, it is important to choose the right type of kitchen chandelier design.

- Ceiling models - are a great option for small kitchens with low ceilings. They do not have suspensions and are attached directly to the ceiling. Their main advantage is that they do not absorb space, but visually expand it.

How to choose the best chandelier for dining room/kitchen island

- Hanging chandeliers - a better option for a spacious or combined with a dining room kitchen. Such chandeliers are suitable only for a room with a ceiling height of more than 8.2 feet.

How to choose the best chandelier for dining room/kitchen island

- Rectangular chandeliers. They create a luxurious atmosphere, and this type of lighting fixture expresses the sense of aesthetics and sophistication of the occupant of the house. The rectangular crystal chandelier is especially suitable for the dining room. The size should be in balance with the room and the table it hangs over.

  1. Material

- Glass, metal and plastic - the most comfortable and easy to clean chandeliers. They can be easily brushed off the dust, as well as easily clean them from splashes and grease. The main thing is not to forget that glass is fragile, and plastic can lose its brightness over time and deform from temperature changes.

- Chandeliers made of wood are interesting models for the kitchen, but they require special attention during operation, as they absorb unpleasant odors and are difficult to clean from soot. If you decide to decorate your kitchen with such a chandelier, do not forget to always turn on the hood during cooking.

- Chandeliers with textile or paper lampshades are what you need to create a creative interior, but not for the kitchen work area. Cleaning a fabric kitchen chandelier from grease can be more difficult than buying a new one. Such chandeliers also do not tolerate high humidity, due to which the shades are deformed. The best place for such lamps is away from sources of moisture and soot, for example, above the dining area.

  1. Where is better to place the chandelier?

The main light source is always placed in the middle of the ceiling, but this rule only applies to a small kitchen. Spacious rooms are usually divided into dining and working areas, and one chandelier is not enough here.

- A rectangular and oval table is illuminated immediately by two or three small companion chandeliers. With such lighting, all diners will feel equally comfortable.

How to choose the best chandelier for dining room/kitchen island

- Paired lamps are used in a different way: one is hung above the table, the second - above the bar. A fashionable element of modern cuisine is an island. The chandelier can be placed directly above them.

- In the dining room, the lighting fixture is placed no closer than 27 inches to the surface of the countertop, otherwise the bulbs will blind the eyes. For the second part, local illumination is used - recessed or overhead spotlights.

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