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Features of the classic chandeliers choice

Features of the classic chandeliers choice

What kind of rooms are classic chandeliers suitable for?

Most often, classic chandeliers are installed in the living room or bedroom, decorated in the same style. They are also suitable for modern interiors furnished in modern or fusion style. It is important that the chandelier is in harmony with the decoration and furnishings of the room.

You can also decorate the entrance area or staircase with classic chandeliers. Naturally, if the size of the room allows it. The pendant lighting will perfectly fit into the interior of a modern kitchen.

Design features: which one is better to choose

- Flush-mount ceiling lighting.They do not have a metal frame and hanging decorative elements, they are attached directly to the ceiling surface. They fit well in any size room. If suddenly it is accidentally touched, it will not loosen, threatening to collapse down. Classic ceiling options, thanks to their "spreading" design, visually lift low ceilings, focusing on their neat, but chic look. 

Features of the classic chandeliers choice

- Pendant lighting

Features of the classic chandeliers choice

Such attributes are divided by designers into pendants of a simple design and complex. In the first case, the model has one large lampshade, which is suspended from a short or long chain. Another option involves a reliable frame and horns with several shades at the base. Hanging lamps will be appropriate in large rooms, because they provide for various hanging decor elements. If the space is huge and the ceilings are very high, two or three identical classic chandeliers will look spectacular, which should be placed at a short distance from each other.

Features of choosing a classic chandelier

When buying a lighting device, first of all, you need to decide on its size and lighting power. It is better to give preference to models that can work in different modes and give the room the right mood.

The size of the product will depend on the size of the room. For a spacious home with high ceilings, a large chandelier is suitable. For a medium-sized room, you should choose small lighting fixtures with shades.

Do not try to provide the necessary illumination of the room with one chandelier. It is better to use supporting light: sconces, floor lamps, wall lamps. Thanks to this, it will be possible to vary the illumination and place accents.

If there are defects on the ceiling, choose lighting fixtures with shades pointing down. Then the flaws will be less noticeable.

Lamp types

The quality and brightness of the light output from the fixture depends on the built-in light source. What lamps are used for installation in chandeliers? The best option is halogen lamps and LED lamps. They provide uniform illumination and rationally consume energy.

Varieties of style

Classics always remain in trend, but some interior items in this style do not always fit into modern design solutions. To combine classics and modernity, some varieties of the style direction were created - neo-classical and American classics.

Supporters of classical canons and minimalism in the interior will suit lighting attributes in the neo-classical style. It is based on modern traditions observed in the design of the room, while maintaining the symmetry of the details and the luxurious appearance of the chandelier.

Crystal models with diffused lighting will look best.

Features of the classic chandeliers choice

American classic is also a modern twist on classic style. However, it implies a combination of decorativeness and comfort, elegance and functionality. Due to eclecticism, this style direction is universal, therefore it will equally harmoniously fit into the interior with a predominance of both luxury and simplicity.

So, a beautiful classic chandelier blooms on the ceiling like a magical flower. And it will be beautifully and actual today, in twenty years and in two hundred.
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