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How to make a room bigger using lighting

How to make a room bigger using lighting

It`s not necessary to tear down the walls to make the room bigger. Few tricks, and wonderful positive metamorphoses can be achieved with the help of the most ordinary optical illusion. In this article, we will show you how to make the room visually more spacious with the help of lighting.

  1. The house begins with a hallway

In order to make a favorable impression on the guests from the threshold, the hallway shouldn`t be left without the right lighting. A narrow corridor will "expand" a number of lamps located along one wall. Do you want to achieve maximum effect? Hang a full-length mirror on the wall, which will be illuminated by lamps - the effect of perspective is guaranteed.

Illumination of the ceiling, which will start in the hallway and stretch throughout the apartment, with geometric accents will help to make the space unified.

  1. Proper living room

The living room must have a chandelier that will provide good lighting, add solemnity, splendor. However, it should be borne in mind that a voluminous chandelier visually reduces the room, so you need to hang it not in the center, but, for example, where you have a large table.

How to make a room bigger using lighting

The main lighting in the room must be supported by auxiliary lamps that will add mood to the room. The living room must certainly have floor lamps or sconces in the sofa area.

How to make a room bigger using lighting

When choosing a sconce or floor lamp, it should be noted that they are different - with directional light up to visually raise the ceiling, or with light down - to lower it.

How to make a room bigger using lighting
  1. Small big kitchen

A small kitchen also needs good thoughtful lighting. Gone are the days when only a chandelier was used in the kitchen. Today, a suspended or stretch ceiling with properly organized lighting is relevant.

Spot lighting should be above the work surface. In addition, it is worth adding decorative lighting for the upper drawers and illuminating individual work areas.

Light colors, an abundance of shiny, chrome and mirror surfaces enhance the expansion effect. Mirrors “work” especially well - with their help, a small kitchen not only expands, but also creates the effect of additional lighting (especially at night, when the lights are on).

  1. Comfort and coziness in the bedroom

Owners of small bedrooms with low ceilings should refrain from chandeliers or give preference to ceiling lights and a variety of sconces. The general light (upper) is best made to come from "nowhere". For example, cornice lighting will raise the ceiling, add volume and air to the room. You can enhance this technique with a glossy ceiling.


How to make a room bigger using lighting

Spotlights, embedded in backlit geometric structures, will emphasize the beauty of the clearly arranged ceiling shapes. Diffused light expands the space - hang an unusual chandelier or pendants instead of a table lamp. Enhance the effect with mirrors on the wall on both sides of the bed. Thus, you won`t only create the illusion of space, but also free up area on the bedside table.

So, experiments with lighting open up wide prospects for creating interesting interiors. We hope that applying these simple lighting rules will help give your home a special uniqueness, completely changing your apartment and creating the right atmosphere!

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