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How to choose a cascading chandelier

How to choose a cascading chandelier

Cascading chandeliers are lighting devices in the form of a cone located on a square or round base. They are flowing threads of crystal or glass. The length of the threads can vary, for some models they create the effect of a waterfall, for chandeliers with a sharper transition of levels, they are a cascade.

How to choose a cascading chandelier

The main goal of cascading models is a combination of luxury and elegance.


Varieties of cascading chandeliers are distinguished by several criteria. The first one is the type of ceiling mounting:

  • Pendant models involve the connection of the structure with the ceiling through a special cable. Its length can vary depending on the model and even be adjustable. Usually such chandeliers are chosen for large rooms of private houses.  
How to choose a cascading chandelier
  • The body of the ceiling chandeliers is attached directly to the surface of the ceiling and looks much more compact. Similar models are selected for smaller rooms. 

  • A special variety are cascading products for stairs. They are installed mainly in private houses with two or more floors. The essence of such a chandelier is to create the effect of a crystal waterfall. Pendants of such structures are very long, often more than two meters. They are often made in the form of an elegant spiral, which echoes the shape of the railing line. 

How to choose a cascading chandelier

There are also different forms of fastening. There are two main types among them:  

How to choose a cascading chandelier
  • Round. It looks spectacular with a smooth transition between thread levels. The round base is considered a classic option in the design of the chandelier. It often has a mirror surface and can even be decorated with LEDs. This mount looks original in products with a small number of large pendants.
  • Square. This option is perfect for ceiling chandeliers, the threads of which are located in one tier. For multi-tiered cascades, such a base is appropriate when there are pronounced transitions between the tiers and when each new tier is smaller than the previous one in size.
  • The oblong shape is becoming increasingly popular with modern styles. Often such a frame is quite thick. But if the threads are arranged in a row, it can be much narrower.

The materials from which the chandelier mounts are made can be metal, plastic, and even stylized “under the wood”. To create pendants, special components are used:

  • Crystal is one of the most expensive and high-quality materials. It is distinguished by the most saturated light modulations. On pendants, you can often find crystal figures with several facets that create a play of light.
  • Decorative stone is no less popular for making decorative pendants. It can be embodied in various shades and color beams of light in various tones. Chandeliers with a similar finish are easy to choose for the interior of the room.
  • Budget, but no less original option - chandeliers with plastic pendants. They will not give very bright overflows, but are presented in a wide range of colors. With the help of plastic, you can create more elements of the original form on the threads.
  • Glass is often used to create pendants. It forms pleasant, diffused overflows and can also be made in various forms.
  • In some cases, precious and semi-precious stones are included in the design of the chandelier.

Styles of cascading chandeliers

Particular attention should be paid to the styles in which cascade lighting fixtures can be designed. The range of directions for such chandeliers includes the following styles:

  • Baroque allows the most pompous and pretentious models of such chandeliers. The more tiers and crystal, the more advantageous the product in this style will look. An invariable element is the golden coating. Crystal stones are often large in size. 
How to choose a cascading chandelier
  • Shabby-chic gives no less preference to glitz and glamour, than Baroque. It is characterized by less long, but magnificent designs, which, in addition to iridescent elements, can be equipped with various figures and color shades of warm colors.
  • High-tech cascading chandeliers. It is characterized by a small number of lamps and the absence of sparkles. The emphasis is on the shape of the structure, pendants can be equipped with various large geometric shapes at the ends. They are usually made of plastic or metal. Thanks to their unusual shapes, they reflect the futuristic theme in the idea of ​​high-tech style. 
How to choose a cascading chandelier

When choosing cascading chandeliers, you should carefully evaluate how the dimensions of your home are suitable for placing such models. If you are lucky enough to purchase such an unusual product, remember that with a good location and combination with the interior, it will become a real highlight of your home.

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