• How to combine a rug with other interior items?

      Who hasn't faced a similar problem? Obviously, first of all, you should carefully study the surrounding furniture. Choose a carpet in a tone similar to the main color background of the room, or combine contrasting shades.

      You can also focus on the shade of the floor. A harmonious combination will be obtained if contrasting colors are used: put a dark rug on a light surface, and a light one on the dark. If you plan to focus on the color of the walls, it is better to choose rugs of a similar color a couple of shades lighter or darker.

      And in order not to make the room boring and monotonous, accent tones are perfect. Any element can become a starting point when choosing an accent tone: the color of a painting, a floor lamp, a sofa, an armchair, and other things.
    • What carpet size should I choose?

      The perception of the interior depends on the size of the carpet in the room. A properly selected carpet visually expands or reduces the room, provides zoning in accordance with the purpose. 4 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Carpet:
      - Focus on the size of the room;
      - Consider the geometry of the room;
      - Focus on the carpet area;
      - Pay attention to the furniture.
      The recipe for the perfect rug for your home is in our article.
    • Advantages and disadvantages of using carpet in the kitchen

      The main advantage of a carpet in the kitchen is the ability to protect you from hypothermia. However, there is no denying that rooms with high-quality and stylish carpet look much more cozy. With the help of a carpet, you can zone the room, and a bonus will be an increase in the safety of laminate and parquet from below. However, it is necessary to understand: the care of the carpet in the kitchen is quite a difficult task. Is this really the case?

    • How to choose a carpet for bedroom

      The bedroom is the most personal location in the house where you always can relax. One of the most important design elements in the arrangement of the bedroom, creating conditions of warmth or comfort, is a carpet.
      The carpet in the bedroom performs the following functions:
      - Noise insulation.
      - Protection from cold.
      - Interior decoration.
      - Easy to clean.
      How to choose the correct one? How to choose the right shape and size of a carpet for a bedroom? What color is suitable? What is the length of the pile? Everything is simple. Here you will find the perfect carpet for your bedroom!
    • Using a Round Rug: 5 Benefits

      The shapes of modern rugs, whether rectangular, square or round, are as important as their color, pattern, texture and content. Round carpet:
      - Visually increases the size of the room;
      - Can be combined with rugs of other shapes;
      - Creates a contrast with rectangular furniture, gives softness to the interior;
      - Highlights other round elements of your decor;
      Still not sure? Educate yourself, read some advises from our experts.
    • Round rugs

      A rather complicated tool in interior design is a round rug. Nowadays there are so many different variants of forms for the carpet, so people began to forget about round rugs. But in vain. If your living room is small in size, you can use round rugs to soften the corners and direct attention to a certain center. When choosing a rug, you should also think about where it will be located according to your furniture. The balance of the room will be upset if your carpet is too small compared to the dining table or sofa. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore the advantages of this form.
    • Fashionable rugs in modern style (1)

      Interior design today is one of the most popular areas of interest of a modern person. Every year the number of design types only increases, offering new and unusual solutions for the arrangement of your home.

      Rugs manufacturers also try to keep up with the times and offer fashionable products in a modern style. A huge variety of stylish models of carpets will not leave anyone indifferent. A wide range allows you to choose an exquisite and unusual option that complements the interior design in various styles, and the production of items is carried out using the latest technologies. However, do not forget that in this case handmade will never go out of fashion.
    • Fashionable rugs in modern style (2)

      Modern carpet models are presented in a completely various design. Round, oval, square or irregular shapes – there are no boundaries of imagination for interior design. What are the current trends in this direction? Which carpets will suit the fusion style or minimalism? Why will classics never go out of fashion? Experts from Mirodemi will help you find answers.
    • How to choose a rug for living room (2)

      The living room is the most frequently visited room, if we talk about guests. When choosing a rug for the living room, you should be guided not only by the external qualities of item, but also remember about its functional part. If you have already decided on the shape and color, then how should you place the rug? Do you need to put it under the furniture, or is it better to keep some distance? How not to spoil the pile of the carpet in the living room to maintain a flawless appearance? We'll tell you everything.
    • How to choose a rug for living room (1)

      If earlier rugs were used for heating, now it is one of the most indispensable elements of a home interior. And since the choice is unimaginably huge, the question arises: how to choose a carpet for the living room so it fits in style, texture, color, size and other important characteristics. What is better - natural fibre or synthetic; what color is better suited to the floor covering; what ornament should be the right one. All the answers are here.
    • Choose the rug first

      It's not easy to make a choice. Especially if it concerns your home.

      When choosing a rug, first remember: do not buy several at once. Choose one room and consider the options. The carpet that fits perfectly into the living room may not be suitable for the bedroom, and vice versa.

      Another one of the great things about rugs is how quickly they can change the space. It is not necessary that your rug be combined with the rest of the decor. Make sure it complements the textures and colors of design.

      There are plenty of controversial nuances. However, we sincerely hope that our guide to choosing the best rug has motivated you to find the perfect rug for your home.

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