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What carpet size should I choose?

The perception of the interior depends on the size of the carpet in the room. Properly selected carpet visually expands or reduces the room, provides zoning in accordance with the purpose. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to choose the right size of the carpet.

Standard Carpet Sizes

To simplify the choice of sizes, rugs are divided into several categories:

- Small. Area - up to 32.3 square feet. Common sizes: 2' x 3.6', 2.6' x 4.9', 3.3' x 6.5', 4.9' x 6.5'.

- Average. Area - 32.3-64.6 square feet. Common sizes: 6.5' x 9.8', 4.9' x 6.5'.

- Large. Area - from 64.6 square feet. Common sizes: 6.5' x 11.5', 6.5' x 13.1', 8.2' x 13.1', 9.8' x 13.1', 9.8' x 16.4'.

4 things you need consider choosing the perfect rug

  1. Focus on the size of the room

If you want to cover the entire floor in a room with a large carpet, it is easy to figure out what size it should be - you need it to recede about 15.8 inches from each wall.

There is no rule that forces you to pick up a large carpet in a large room and a miniature one in a small one. Start with color and pattern so that it matches the furniture and floor, and the dimensions in this case are not so important.

  1. Focus on the geometry of the room

Everything is simple here: in an elongated space we select a narrow-elongated carpet, in a spacious room - a wide rectangular or round one. Remember to leave a gap between it and the walls or large furniture, under which you will not put the carpet.

  1. Focus on the size of the zone

Carpet is a convenient tool for zoning an apartment. It allows you to accurately outline the boundaries of a recreation area, work or personal space. Therefore, in order to calculate the size, you need to arrange the furniture, and decide whether it will stand entirely on the floor or only partially. There is nothing wrong with having only the front legs of a sofa or chair on it. The main thing is to make sure that there are no noticeable dents on the long pile. Such carpets are best laid under furniture with thin legs.

If the carpet will extend beyond the furniture, then add 11.8-15.8 inches on each side of your area rectangle. This will create the feeling of a secluded island.

  1. Be guided by the size of the furniture

If there is no task to zone the space, but you just want to lay a carpet next to some furniture, we start from it.

- Bed

Carpet does not have to cover the entire floor under the bed. And, as we said, it's good when the carpet is 15.8 inches behind the wall. So don't be afraid to choose a size rug that extends 11.8-15.8 inches over the edge of the bed. At the same time, the edge of the carpet should be located so that when you get up in the morning and sit on the bed, you get up with your feet on the soft pile, and not on the cold floor. If it`s impossible to purchase a large carpet, you can limit yourself to two small ones on both sides of the bed.


- Sofa

If the sofa is on legs, the carpet can go under it by 5.9-7.9 inches. This will make cleaning the room easier. Also, the carpet may not reach the sofa or come close. Both options are acceptable, here you need to build on color and pattern. A bright sofa and a contrasting rug should be spaced at least 7.9-11.8 inches apart. But if the carpet is a neutral color that matches the color of the floor, it’s not scary if it is close to a bright sofa.

- Dinner table

When choosing a rug for the size of the table, add 23.6-31.5 inches to its perimeter. This is necessary so that the retractable chairs do not jump to the floor and do not tuck the edge of the carpet. Don't be afraid to take too much stock, even 39.4 inches on each side will look organic.

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