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  • Filter faucets
    July 11, 2022
    Filter faucets

    Is a faucet filter a luxury or a necessity?

    Water is the source of life, so it is important that this source should always stay crystal clear. As for the tool for maintaining purity and preserving the natural qualities of tap water, the Mirodemi store will help you with this. You can choose the most acceptable option for you. It can be a household filter that makes the water suitable for drinking and cooking. Or a reverse osmosis filter that produces the highest quality product by filtering contaminants on a molecular level. Or you can give preference to convenience - another special filter for the fauset, but remember that due to the design features, this model requires timely cleaning!

    Taking care of your health is not a luxury, but your conscious choice!

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  • How to choose a faucet spout
    June 26, 2022
    How to choose a faucet spout
    Choosing a spout for a faucet is not an easy task when you want to keep both the functionality and the appearance of the sink on top. This article will help you understand the features of your interior and choose the ideal model of a faucet spout, depending on the size, segmentation or location of the sink. In addition, it is possible that you also will find the perfect design solution that you have been hunting for so long right here.
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  • What should be the ideal kitchen faucet
    June 14, 2022
    What should be the ideal kitchen faucet

    Its dimensions, functions and additional features provide comfort, so the choice must be approached with special responsibility.

    What should be the height of the faucet above the sink? Which mixer should I choose – dual handle or single lever? Why this one? From what material is it better to choose for a faucet so it could last longer and won’t lose its luster? And what filters should I install?

    You can get answers to these and many another questions in the article "What should be the ideal kitchen faucet".

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  • Why do you need a sensor faucet
    June 5, 2022
    Why do you need a sensor faucet
    It has long been known that the resources that humanity possesses are not infinite. Including the internal resources of the person himself. And in order to preserve them, all technologies on the planet are being developed. The interior design industry is also developing: one of such vivid manifestations is the decision to create a sensor faucet. Profitability, Environmental friendliness, Durability and Protection from "floods" – are not all the advantages of this technology. A smart faucet will help you not only to reduce the irrational use of natural resources, but also, taking into account all your needs and wishes, will serve you at the highest level.
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