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  • How to choose a shower column
    June 5, 2022
    How to choose a shower column

    The choice of a shower column, as a rule, is carried out in several basic stages: you go to the store, choose what you think has the most suitable design, and you don't even guess how many weighty little things you miss.

    Our advice: success lies precisely in the little things. This article will help you understand the nuances and frequently asked questions when choosing a shower column, so your bathroom will sparkle with completely new colors!
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  • Why do you need a sensor faucet
    June 5, 2022
    Why do you need a sensor faucet
    It has long been known that the resources that humanity possesses are not infinite. Including the internal resources of the person himself. And in order to preserve them, all technologies on the planet are being developed. The interior design industry is also developing: one of such vivid manifestations is the decision to create a sensor faucet. Profitability, Environmental friendliness, Durability and Protection from "floods" – are not all the advantages of this technology. A smart faucet will help you not only to reduce the irrational use of natural resources, but also, taking into account all your needs and wishes, will serve you at the highest level.
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  • How to choose the best lighting for bathroom
    June 5, 2022
    How to choose the best lighting for bathroom

    The choice of fixtures to the bathroom is one of the important components of arranging the interior of the room. Well-designed and visually pleasing lighting in the bathroom can emphasize the advantages of the interior. How many lights do you need? Which type of lighting to choose? Is there enough ceiling lighting, or is it still worth highlighting your mirror? Should you light up the shower or bathroom? Or maybe your Bathroom needs decorative lighting?

    Comfort and safety are the key to success in bathroom design. Proven tips of experts from Mirodemi will help you achieve the desired result without too much effort.
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