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How to choose a carpet for bedroom

Bedroom is the most private place in the house where you can always relax and unwind. One of the important design elements in the arrangement of the bedroom, to create conditions of warmth or comfort, is the carpet. In this article, we'll help you to find the perfect rug for your bedroom.

Carpet in the bedroom performs the following functions:

- Noise isolation. Carpets are excellent noise absorbers, and in the sleeping and rest room this characteristic is especially important.

- Protection from the cold. In winter, it is more pleasant to walk on a warm floor, and warming is the function of a carpet.

- Interior completion. Sometimes, without this element, the room is visually empty, you want to make it more comfortable, to balance the decorative elements.

- Ease of cleaning. If you do not have the most successful laminate, which needs to be washed and rubbed every day with special products so that it does not look dirty and faded, it is better to hide such a coating at least partially. It is enough to vacuum in the morning, and the floor looks perfect.

How to choose the shape and size of the carpet for the bedroom?

Usually in the bedroom most of the room is occupied by the bed, so often the carpet is located under it. However, this option is good for beds with high legs, otherwise a large carpet under the furniture will be inconvenient to clean and it will become a dust accumulation. There are several options for the location of the carpet with the capture of the bed:

  • the bed and bedside tables are entirely on the carpet


How to choose a carpet for bedroom


It is recommended that the carpet protrude from under the bed a minimum of 11.8-17.7 inches.

Another option is two carpets on either side of the bed, which is practical and easy to clean. At the same time, the smaller the room, the larger the rugs should be: too small models crush the space.

As for the shape, rectangular rugs are versatile, they look good in any interior. 


How to choose a carpet for bedroom


Round and oval rugs can smooth out straight and sharp corners of furniture and layouts, and also perfectly complement a seating area with an armchair. 


How to choose a carpet for bedroom


What carpet color to choose for the bedroom?

If the carpet can become a bright accent in the living room or children's room, then in the bedroom it should be given a secondary role. A plain carpet in soothing colors will complement your sleeping area and make the interior cozy and harmonious. But you should not choose a carpet completely in the tone of the floor covering: this way it will be lost, so a difference of several tones is optimal.


How to choose a carpet for bedroom


In addition, with carpets, as with all interior details, the principle of visual perception of space works: light colors visually enlarge the room.

What pile length to choose?

The bedroom is not a place where people constantly walk, so the floor coverings wear out less here. So, you can easily choose a long pile carpet that will become a cozy nest for your feet.

Thus, in the bedroom, you can use both a carpet with a short pile, and with a long one.

Here you will find the perfect carpet for your bedroom!

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