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How to choose the best lighting for bathroom

How to choose the best lighting for bathroom

The choice of fixtures for the bathroom is one of the important components of arranging the interior of the room. Well-designed and visually pleasing lighting in the bathroom can emphasize the dignity of the interior. Here are some helpful bathroom lighting tips.


The number of lighting fixtures in the bathroom depends directly on its area. If the room is quite small, and its area is about 54 square feet, then a chandelier with two or three lamps in the center of the ceiling will suffice. But even if the bathroom is small, it is better to additionally illuminate the washbasin and mirror area to make it much easier to carry out all cosmetic procedures.


- The easiest option is ceiling lighting. If the room is small, then this will be enough. But if you add auxiliary lighting to the interior, then using the bathroom will become more convenient.

- Bathroom mirror lighting

How to choose the best lighting for bathroom

As a rule, a mirror requires good lighting. Therefore, we recommend using a backlight above the mirror and optionally on the sides.

To avoid glare on the glass, light sources external to the mirror should be placed perpendicular to its reflective surface.

- Bath or shower lighting

Additional lamps can come in handy in the shower, especially if its walls are made of frosted opaque glass, which does not transmit light well.

To illuminate the bathroom, you can use, for example, sconces or spotlights. Spotlights recessed into the ceiling are suitable for the shower.

- Bathroom floor lighting

The floor is usually decorated pointwise, mounting lamps in different parts of the room. For installation, make holes in the tile. If the bath is located on the podium, the lamps in the step will look good. With their help, you can create a unique interior and visually push the boundaries of the bathroom.

 - Decorative lighting

How to choose the best lighting for bathroom

An additional light source can also perform a purely decorative function - highlight the sink, furniture or serve as a bright accent. An interesting idea is to illuminate a tap or shower head. In our shop there are special nozzles with several modes.


In the bathroom there is an increased risk of unforeseen situations that can be dangerous. Therefore, when you choose lighting fixtures, you need to follow a number of rules:

- Correctly develop a bathroom lighting scheme, and this task can be entrusted to professionals;

- It is necessary to use only those lamps that perfectly tolerate the effects of moisture;

- Metal parts of luminaires must be protected from corrosion;

- Lighting fixtures in the bath and shower should have a power of no more than 12 W;

- The risk of water splashing on wall or ceiling lighting fixtures should be kept to a minimum.

- There is no place at all for open incandescent lamps in the bathroom, since when drops of water fall on the heated glass, the lamp may break altogether, and glass fragments will scatter around the room;

- In the bathroom there is no place for open wiring, extension cords, tees.

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