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How to choose the best pendant lighting?

How to choose the best pendant lighting?

Pendant lamps are lighting fixtures that have one or more light sources attached to a long wire. They look great in rooms with high and medium ceilings, providing accent local lighting.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose the best option for a pendant lamp.

To mount a pendant lamp on the ceiling, use:
- conductive cable
- chain
- metal tube
  1. The choice of pendant lighting depending on the type of room

- Dining room / Kitchen Island

How to choose the best pendant lighting?

The most common place to install suspensions. The best solution will be models that are practical and easy to maintain. The cooking process is often accompanied by splashes and oil fumes in the air, which will have an extremely negative effect on fabric shades and expensive materials. Therefore, it is better to choose glass or metal.

- Bar counter

How to choose the best pendant lighting?

This section of the house or cafe needs separate lighting, that`s why it is better to use several small pendant lamps with shades in the form of a cone or hemisphere. The luminous flux from such models is directional and doesn`t affect the rest of the interior composition, leaving a slight emphasis on the illuminated area.

- Living room

How to choose the best pendant lighting?

A place for original models that allow you to surprise guests and create a spectacular interior. The imagination of the owners is limited only by the overall interior composition, its color scheme and style. Everything must be in harmony.

- Bedroom

How to choose the best pendant lighting?

In the sleeping area, you can use subdued lighting with a few warm light bulbs. Use a dimmer to smoothly adjust the brightness of the light.

  1. Selection of the correct suspension length

- If pendant lighting is chosen for the hallway, it should be placed as high as possible - at least 6.5 feet from the floor. It is better to check the optimal height based on the height of the residents: standing with your hands up, you should not touch the lighting fixture.

- Bedroom and living room. It is worth relying on the purpose of the lamp - the main lighting or decorative. However, the distance is also taken to be at least 6.5 feet from the floor.

- In the kitchen above the table, the lamp is placed 27-35 inches from the countertop. In this version, it provides optimal lighting and doesn`t interfere.

- For the office and desktops, the distance is less - for better illumination, the lamp is placed at a height of 12 inches above the tabletop.

Helpful tips:

- If you are installing an incandescent pendant light fixture on a stretch ceiling, make sure the lamps are at least 16 inches from the ceiling.

Otherwise, the heat from the light bulb can ruin the bearing surface, leaving dark spots on it.

- Choosing a fastening device, it is worth stopping at the hook. It is the most reliable and durable.

- In rooms with low ceilings (below 7.5 feet), the use of pendant lights is strongly discouraged. This will make the room even lower visually and reduce the free space.

- Pendants can be used extremely effectively for zoning rooms and creating accents. Place them above the coffee table in your living room, next to your favorite armchair, instead of table lamps above your bedside tables. Models with shades located at different heights look especially interesting.

How to choose the best pendant lighting?
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