How to choose the best chandelier for bedroom

    The bedroom is a place to relax. In this room, a person relaxes and recuperates, so it is important to choose the right lighting.

    Features of choosing a chandelier for the bedroom.

    In the bedroom, you can use all types of lighting: general, local, decorative.

    1. General

    Such lighting is provided by ceiling chandeliers. According to their design, they are divided into suspended and overhead.

    Suspended look good in large bedrooms with high ceilings. Their advantage is that they are adjustable in height.

    How to choose the best chandelier for bedroom

    Such models are appropriate in small bedrooms with low ceilings.

    How to choose the best chandelier for bedroom

    The glare effect in the bedroom is superfluous, so it is better to buy chandeliers with matte or colored shades.

    They create soft, diffused light and do not irritate the eyes.

    For the bedroom it is comfortable to use a dimmer, it helps to regulate the power of the central lighting.

    1. Local

    The main purpose of local lighting is the functionality and ease of use for individual zones in the room.


    - Wall scones. These devices can both complement the central lighting and replace it. For an unusual effect, they can be placed in a wall niche or used to highlight individual interior items, such as paintings.

    - Table lamps – lighting fixtures that are placed on a bedside table or dressing table.

    - Floor lamps – lighting fixtures that can be moved around the room.

    It is important to install lamps correctly. When reading, for example, the light must fall correctly on the pages without creating a shadow. But at the same time, it shouldn`t tire the eyes.

    1. Decorative

    Decorative lighting in the bedroom favorably creates twilight, giving the room an auspicious atmosphere of softness and comfort.

    There are many options for decorative lighting:

    - LED strips and garlands

    - Illumination of paintings, figurines, frescoes, sculptures

    - Spot lighting of the podium of the bed

    - Illumination of cornices, ceilings, cabinets

    Spot lighting in the bedroom with stretch ceilings visually expands the space of the room.

    To illuminate the wardrobe, the lamps are placed at the top of the visor so that the light gets inside and the doors don’t create a shadow.

    The most suitable options for the bedroom:

    - Tiered model - looks elegant, and glass shades emphasize its fragility.

    How to choose the best chandelier for bedroom

    - Waterfall - it is also called cascading. It fascinates with it`s beauty, slightly swaying from a small stream of air.

    How to choose the best chandelier for bedroom

    - Concise models - simple designs without frills. The standard of harmony and style.

    How to choose the best chandelier for bedroom

    - Sputnik - this model is perfectly combined with additional lamps, which is a plus for the bedroom.

    How to choose the best chandelier for bedroom

    - Empire - a good solution for a bedroom with high ceilings. This luxurious style is favorably combined with exquisite interior items.

    How to choose the best chandelier for bedroom

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