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What color temperature is better to choose: warm or cool?

What color temperature is better to choose: warm or cool?

Choosing LED lamp, you should pay attention to an important criterion - color temperature. It varies from warm to cool. Consider the features and preferred places of use.

To create artificial lighting, the following color temperature indicators are used:

  • 2700-3500 K is a lamp with a warm yellowish light.
  • 3500-4500 K - neutral natural light.
  • 4500-6500 K - lamps with cold bluish light.

Which light should be preferred - warm or cool?

The choice will depend on the room in which the lamp is installed. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly combine the light in different rooms.

Where is better to use cool light?

What color temperature is better to choose: warm or cool

Blue light is used in the arrangement of residential and non-residential premises, as well as for street lighting.

- Living spaces

Cool light is rarely found in apartments and private houses, but it is still used - mainly in the kitchen, in the office or hallway.  It is especially appropriate to use bluish light in the morning, it contributes to a quick awakening and helps to tune in to a working mood.

- Non-residential premises

Suitable places to install cold lighting chandeliers:

  • Offices
  • Recreational facilities
  • Production shops and warehouses
  • Garages
  • Shops, showcases
  • Corridors, entrances
  • Laboratories
  • Operating rooms

In this case, the general style of the interior and the field of activity involves official communication, focus on work and high concentration. Therefore, there is no need to create a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation among employees and visitors.

- Street lighting

LED lamps with temperatures above 4500 K are ideal for lighting outdoors at night. Such lanterns shine brightly, contribute to good visibility and are installed in the yards of private houses, at the entrance to the garage, roads, sidewalks.

Where is the best place to use warm light?

What color temperature is better to choose: warm or cool

Light sources with a characteristic yellow tint are often used in residential and public buildings.

It's a great choice for:

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Preschool and educational institutions
  • Café
  • Beauty salon

Such rooms should be cozy and comfortable.

Warm light range is also used for street lighting. Outdoor LED lamp with a temperature of 2700-3500 K provides excellent visibility in rain, fog or smoke conditions.

The last nuance of choosing a temperature is design.

Some light shades are literally associated with a particular interior style, and therefore deserve special attention.

All vintage, palace, classic and retro styles gravitate to temperatures up to 4500K (warm light). The main reason is the visual resemblance to the fire of a candle or a kerosene stove, which were used at the birth of these directions.

Cool light is appropriate in ultra-modern interiors: minimalism, high-tech. In combination with glossy surfaces, an abundance of glass and metal, LEDs set the right mood.

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