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Why do you need a sensor faucet

Why do you need a sensor faucet

The main difference between a sensor faucet and a conventional mixer is the absence of any control levers. A smart-touch faucet is just a spout without the usual cold and hot water valves, without an on-off lever. In the body of such a mixer-spout there is a sensor that reacts to movement. The only control system that can be found on the body may be a water adjustment system in the form of a small lever. In many models, contactless technologies are also used to set the temperature - to make water hot or cold, just touch the right or left side of the faucet body.

Why do you need a sensor faucet


  1. Profitability. One of the main advantages of a sensor faucet is its economy. Automatic shutdown of water supply excludes its irrational use. Consequently, it reduces the financial costs of water supply services.
  2. Environmental friendliness. The sensor faucet helps to save not only time and money. The rational use of natural resources in recent decades has become the number one problem on a global scale. And automatic mixers can be attributed to innovative technologies that help to rationally use the planet's water resources.
  3. Maximum hygiene. It is this advantage of automatic faucets that was first appreciated by the owners and users of public bathrooms. The use of a contactless faucet does not imply contact between the device and a person. This means that the mixer does not become a breeding ground for bacteria and a source of infection. Which is a huge advantage for public places, catering establishments, children's and medical institutions. There is no need to constantly disinfect the plumbing fixture.
  4. Durability. The design of the mixer does not imply the presence of moving valves and control levers. Namely, these parts are the fastest to fail in conventional mixers. Especially with intensive use. Therefore, this plus of sensory mixers is again especially appreciated by the owners of public premises. But for the home, the durability parameter is by no means the last advantage.
  5. Flooding protection. Now you don't have to worry if you turned off the tap before leaving the house. The "smart" faucet closed it behind you. And you definitely won’t flood the neighbors from below.
  6. Extra comfort. The sensor faucet already “knows” what temperature of water you like and what pressure you need. That is, as a faithful servant, taking into account all your needs and wishes, will serve you at the highest level. And this, you see, is just nice, in the end.


Why do you need a sensor faucet
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