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How to organize lighting in the hall of different shapes

The corridor is the main representative of any house, along which the first impression of the guests is formed. Therefore, it is necessary to properly format and present it. Proper lighting in the hallway, combined with the interior, will help best of all. After reading the article, you will learn about the types of lighting fixtures; features of light with and without stretch ceilings; in a long and narrow or square hallway and etc.

How to organize lighting in the hall of different shapes

Types of lighting fixtures for the corridor

- Bra

- LED strips

- Chandeliers

But when buying, consider certain facts:

The chandelier should not exceed 1/3 of the total area of ​​the hallway. Otherwise, it will visually reduce its already small dimensions. If you are the owner of a narrow corridor with ceilings less than 2.5 - 3 meters high, then completely abandon the chandelier in favor of the devices described above.

It is customary to build in additional (local) lamps in large corridors, not counting the central chandelier. In a reasonable amount, they will not spoil the design, but on the contrary, they will draw the attention of guests to certain sources of comfort.

Classic lighting in the hallway is ideally complemented by refined and sophisticated chandeliers with glass or crystal pendants. 

How to organize lighting in the hall of different shapes

For houses decorated in a modern style, it is not recommended to complicate the chandeliers with unnecessary elements. Choose the simplest form.

Light zoning

Zoning is usually called the visual division of the territory into small parts that have their own intended purpose and mode of use. So, having determined these zones, we will select competent lighting for them.

The first part: the front door and the space adjacent to it. This zone welcomes guests and is actively used to search for clothes / shoes, so it needs a lot of light;

The second part: cabinets, hangers, shelves, etc. We recommend embedding lamps in the furniture itself to create an interesting design idea;

The third part: the corridor itself. This is the most voluminous part involved in moving between rooms. This is where all the tips above come in handy;

The fourth part: a mirror;

Fifth part: stairs;

Sixth part: armchair / sofa. If you have a huge hall, then this is a chance to add home comfort to an uninhabited room. Place a floor lamp nearby to create warm light. 

How to organize lighting in the hall of different shapes

Mirror lighting

Almost every hallway is equipped with a mirror, which we used to look at before leaving the house to check our appearance. But it's not just for fashionists; It's also a great design move. After all, a mirror reflects any object or beam, visually expanding the corridor and adding a drop of depth, mystery and interest to it. But to make the result even better, you will have to resort to additional lighting of the room. Now we will analyze the main methods:

How to organize lighting in the hall of different shapes

For the corridor, the best option is wall sconces. They are hung in perfectly even and symmetrical rows from the side / top.

Most often, sconces are used in large quantities - from 4 to 10 pieces to illuminate one mirror. But if you are confident in your idea, you can leave one sconce.

Stair lighting

If you're working on hallway lighting, don't forget the steps. Here, proper lighting is important not only for aesthetic enjoyment, but also for the safety of residents.

How to organize lighting in the hall of different shapes

Decorative lighting

If you were able to install the right lighting in the hallway, but are still thinking: “Something is missing”, then it's time to resort to decorative lighting

How to organize lighting in the hall of different shapes
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