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How to choose a rug for living room (2)

How to choose the shape of the rug?

If the room is square, then a rug of almost any shape will do. The square rug will match the configuration of the room and complement it perfectly. A round rug will look almost the same. If you choose a rectangular one, then it will stretch the room a little, and the room will seem longer. A similar effect will be from the oval model. 

How to choose a rug for living room?

Round and oval rugs are considered non-standard, so they are often chosen as an accent, and it can be not only in shape, but also in color. 

How to choose a rug for living room?

When choosing the shape of the rug, you can focus not only on the shape of the room. The product may have outlines that follow the contours of a sofa or coffee table. But in this case, it is necessary to consider whether the rug will be appropriate when changing the situation after repairing or updating furniture.

How to choose the texture of the rug?

There are long pile and short pile coatings. In the living room, as the room where residents spend the most time, you should not use a long pile, as it will wear out quickly. Such a coating requires more careful care and respect.

For the living room, a pile of medium or small length will be more practical. You can safely place furniture on a short pile carpet. It will not crush or deform the pile, so it will retain its appearance and will not lose its shape. A short-haired model will last longer than a long-haired one. 

How to choose a rug for living room?

What is the best way to lay rug?

The most common option is to lay a rug in front of the sofa. It can be placed with its feet on the carpet, retreating at least 8 inches. This is the main option for how to arrange a rug in a rectangular living room, since with such a classic shape of the room it is difficult to find something more harmonious. Moreover, it is difficult to give a clear recommendation on how many centimeters of carpet you need to bring under the furniture. The best option is 1/2, but 1/3 of the furniture also looks good.

How to choose a rug for living room?

Another way to arrange is to place the entire furniture group from the sofa, armchairs and coffee table on the rug. This is true for spacious living rooms, where the furniture is located in the center. Here, the rug is also brought under the furniture, positioned so that it protrudes 3.9-8 inches beyond its borders, but does not reach the walls by 9.8-11.8 inches. This is how a full-fledged recreation area is organized, and all its attributes are combined into a composition - a furniture island. This way you can arrange large rugs, but without a long pile, since the legs will push through it.

Rug does not need to be placed under furniture. It can act as a separate element of the interior. In this case, the furniture should be indented 5.9-8 inches. This rule is especially important for rugs that have a bright color or variegated colors. Another location option is good for small living rooms.

How to choose a rug for living room?

It is impossible to say exactly how to properly lay a rug in the living room. It is necessary to choose taking into account the type of the rug itself, its function in the living room (emphasis, creation of a single composition, allocation of functional areas) and size. It is important not to put the legs on the very edge of the carpet and not make its length equal to the length of the sofa. In both cases, it does not look too harmonious.

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