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How to choose table lamps

How to choose table lamps

Thoughtful designers use layered lighting in their work because it lets them zone the space properly: general lighting comes from chandeliers and pendant lights; functional lighting comes from table lamps (for working, reading, etc.); the accent lighting usually comes from small lamps that cast a soft glow in gloomy corners. There are guidelines to follow when selecting any of them. In this article, we'll discuss how to select table lamps both generally and for a specific room.

How to choose table lamps

General rules

No matter where you intend to place a table lamp, you should adhere to the fundamental guidelines for selecting an item:

- Pay attention to both form and beauty in addition to function. Consider how well-coordinated your space will seem when picking lamps because they are not just light sources but also decorative elements. For instance, sleek chrome table lamps work best in modern settings, and classic settings would benefit more from lamps with ceramic bases, glass shades, and ornate accents.

- Be confident combining. The table lamp you choose should not only fit in with the decor of the space, but also naturally enhance the other levels of illumination that are already in place. Setting up two completely different table lamps but solving in the same color scheme or comparable in shape is an interesting approach. It is not worthwhile to randomly mix various lamps; instead, the objects should have characteristics in common, such as color, metal finish, shape, etc.

- Select the ideal size. Size is important while buying table lights. Just as a small lamp will appear out of place in a large room, so would a large lamp in a small space. A crucial point: the environment and the height of the room in which the table lamp is placed affect its height. A shorter lamp will work if your bedside table is tall, and vice versa. When you are sitting and unwinding, the best lamp is one with the lowest portion of the lampshade at eye level.

- Think about accommodations. Decide first where you want your table lamp to go, how high it will stand, and how far it should be from the bed, couch, or chair next to it. The selection of the room for which the table lamps are designed is another crucial consideration. A table lamp that comes great in the living room might not in the bedroom, and vice versa.

How do I pick the right table light for my living room?

The living room lighting should enhance the primary light source and foster a welcoming ambience in the evening. Consider it not only as a useful object but also as an accessory since it can add to your personal style.

How to choose table lamps

Place table lights next to couches and chairs in the living room to create a well-lit, comfortable space where you may read a book, draw, or indulge in a pastime. The lampshade's bottom ought to be at eye level.

How should I choose a bedside lamp?

For those who want to read a few chapters of their favorite book before bed and prefer dim light to bright, a table lamp in the bedroom is a need. Usually, bedside tables hold table lights so that you may control the brightness without getting out of bed. It is crucial to take into account the lamp's height in relation to the bed. The bottom of the lampshade should be at eye level when you are seated in bed so that the light falls on your knees. The light in this situation needs to be gentle and diffused.


How to choose table lamps


What kind of table lamp should you pick for your home office or study?

The prerequisites for selecting a table lamp change for a home office or study. It should be light enough for you to comfortably work or complete other duties, without wearing your eyes out.


How to choose table lamps


Be wise in your approach while selecting a table lamp. Start with the responsibilities placed on this piece of furniture! We are certain that the information you have received will assist you in making the best decision for your preferences and needs.
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