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  • American style natural brown color luxury cowhide fur patchwork rug

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    American style natural brown color luxury cowhide fur patchwork rug from MIRODEMI will perfectly fit into your interior and, thanks to modern and h...

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Choose the Best Area Rugs 2022, Find Rugs at Mirodemi, Shop Rugs by Size, Color and Style

Modern interiors are very popular nowadays. Every year the number of types of design only increases, offering new and unusual solutions for arranging your home. Carpet manufacturers try to keep up with the times and offer fashionable products in a modern style.

The modern variety of stylish models of designer floor rugs will not leave anyone indifferent. A wide range of best area rugs allows you to choose an exquisite and unusual option to complement the interior design in various styles. Today, carpets are made using modern technologies. Elite products are often handmade, which gives them charm and luxury.

Modern area rugs are the ultimate design statement when it comes to spicing up a space. Without going all out on a whole room renovation, these nice rugs are a simple way to add character, elegance, and a luxurious vibe to your home.

Why would you need a rug?

One of the wonderful things about modern living room rugs is how quickly they can change a space. You may simply create a comfortable atmosphere or modernize your ordinary room. The best thing, though? It's not necessary for your living room area rugs to match the rest of the decor. Make sure that it complements the textures and colors of your décor.

  1. Increase the size of small spaces

One clever trick that rugs may do is to give the impression that smaller rooms are much larger. Because a rug usually does not completely cover the floor, it gives the appearance that the room is much larger. Choosing a rug you can use both huge and tiny rugs, regardless of size, to enlarge a small room. At home rugs are also a terrific accent to a room with not a lot of furniture because they will fill the space up with visual interest.

  1. Play with different shapes

By layering several area rugs of various shapes, you can create the flawless appearance of a warm and inviting house. Round rugs are made such that they may complement any shape carpet or rug and still stand out. You can see the stacking magic it works by putting your round rug next to a rectangular rug.

  1. Build contrast

Isn't it time to soften up the space a bit? Rectangular furniture, square appliances, straight edge flooring. In a world where everything has sharp edges and may appear a touch severe, rug in room serve to give softness and contrast.

  1. Highlight circular elements

Speaking about round rugs, naturally, not all decor is square. Placing a circular rug close to a round component in your space, like a lamp or a clock, will highlight it and even start to create a sense of aesthetic harmony.

Choose the rug first

It's preferable to focus on one room at a time when choosing an area rug. Try to avoid the urge to buy rugs for every room at once. Your rug should be big enough to cover at least one side of the front legs of the furniture in the space. As a result, the space exudes a feeling of unity.

  1. Consider your new area rug as art on your floor instead of a wall. Whether you want your new area rug to stand out or blend in is all up to you. We'll start by selecting a color. Observe the following advice:
  2. A single color or carpeting with neutral tones is the best option if your room is already decked with color.
  3. When choosing the best floor rugs for your space if the room is vacant, you should take the colors of the walls, floor, and ceiling into account.
  4. When shopping for rugs, patterns matter. Do you dislike patterns? You might want to take another look at them. The patterns of today cater to all tastes and fashions. In addition, although some may be overtly provocative, others may be subtler and less evident while still adding the ideal amount of flare and refinement. It's all about balance, after all.

Which material to choose?


- Natural

Natural modern rugs are very pleasant to the touch, and they also look really luxurious. Such models are chosen by those who appreciate naturalness in any manifestation. In the living room, such rugs are appropriate because they are the most durable. Made from wool, silk, cotton or bamboo.

- Man-made or synthetic fibers

Artificial fibers and synthetic materials are widely used because they have low cost and good performance. Such raw materials have also expanded the possibilities of design, so rugs made from such materials are represented by a large number of different models. Rugs made of synthetic materials are also quite durable.

Thus, both rugs made from natural materials and synthetic ones are good - this is already a matter of taste. It is worth noting that some natural materials may be allergic, so whoever has - it is better to choose synthetic or cotton rugs - they are hypoallergenic and fit into the average area rug prices.

How to choose the color of the rug?

- If the floor covering is dark, then the color of the living room carpet should be contrasting, i.e. light or one tone lighter.

- If the floor is light, then the carpet may have the same tone, just a different shade or a completely different color. 

- Light shades of household rugs are always less practical than dark ones. But they visually expand the space, which is important for small rooms.

- It is good if the carpet will have the same color or a close shade, in which some interior elements are made.

The main rule is that the best carpets color should be combined with the flooring.

How to choose the shape of the rug?

If the room is square, then a living room rugs of almost any shape will do. The square rug will match the configuration of the room and complement it perfectly. A round rug will look almost the same. If you choose a rectangular one, then it will stretch the room a little, and the room will seem longer. A similar effect will be from the oval model.

Round and oval rugs are considered non-standard, so they are often chosen as an accent, and it can be not only in shape, but also in color.

When choosing the shape of the rug, you can focus not only on the shape of the room. The product may have outlines that follow the contours of a sofa or coffee table. But in this case, it is necessary to consider whether the rug will be appropriate when changing the situation after repairing or updating furniture.

How to choose the texture of the rug?

There are long pile and short pile coatings. In the living room, as the room where residents spend the most time, you should not use a long pile, as it will wear out quickly. Such a coating requires more careful care and respect.

For the living room, a pile of medium or small length will be more practical. You can safely place furniture on a short pile carpet. It will not crush or deform the pile, so it will retain its appearance and will not lose its shape. A short-haired model will last longer than a long-haired one. 

What is the best way to lay rug?

The most common option is to lay a rug in front of the sofa. It can be placed with its feet on the carpet, retreating at least 8 inches. This is the main option for how to arrange a rug in a rectangular living room, since with such a classic shape of the room it is difficult to find something more harmonious. Moreover, it is difficult to give a clear recommendation on how many centimeters of carpet you need to bring under the furniture. The best option is 1/2, but 1/3 of the furniture also looks good.

Remember that proportion is the key to spaciousness. The size of your rug in relation to your space and your furniture is therefore the most crucial factor to get right, regardless of the design or shape — whether it is round, square, or otherwise. If it's too tiny for the space and your furniture, your living room may feel crowded and cluttered.