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Chandelier for room with high ceiling

At first glance, it may seem that choosing a chandelier in a spacious apartment with high ceilings won`t be difficult. But, often, the owners of such premises meet with no less difficulties than the owners of apartments with low ones. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a chandelier for a room with a high ceiling.

Features to consider choosing chandeliers for high ceilings:

  1. The optimal distance from the bottom of the lamp to the floor is 6.5-8.2 feet. 
Chandelier for room with high ceiling
  1. The diameter of the chandelier should be 5% of the perimeter of the room. Add the length and width of the room in feet, multiply by 10. The final number is the optimal diameter of the chandelier.
  2. If the length and width of the room are approximately the same, you should use a round chandelier, and if the room is long and narrow - an elongated chandelier, a pendant lamp with three or more pendants.
  3. Preference should be given to suspended and massive chandeliers; built-in and spotlights will simply be lost in a large space.
  4. If in rooms with low ceilings, you should raise the chandelier as close to the ceiling as possible, in the case of high rooms, the opposite rule applies - lower the chandelier as low as possible. The optimum height for a chandelier is 7.5 feet.
  5. The darker the interior of the space, the larger or more powerful the chandelier should be.
    Chandelier for room with high ceiling
  6. The chandelier should be chosen with diffused light.
  7. If the room has high ceilings but is small in size, give preference to flat but large chandeliers or light panels.

Types of chandeliers suitable for high ceilings:

- Cascading chandeliers

Chandelier for room with high ceiling

These are cone-shaped chandeliers made of falling threads with glass or crystal decorative elements. These chandeliers are made specifically for high ceilings, often strands up to 6.5 feet long or more. Such chandeliers will ideally fit into the interior of a large living room or hall.

- Hanging chandeliers

Chandelier for room with high ceiling

Hanging chandeliers are the right choice for the high ceilings. Such chandeliers will illuminate the desired part of the room and give diffused light over the selected area. Ideally, such a chandelier is better to choose with the ability to adjust the height. In another case, it is worth very clearly measuring the length of the suspension and the chandelier itself, so that there is no incidental situation with a low-hanging lamp. This version of the chandelier will perfectly fit into the bedroom or dining area.

- Flush-mount ceiling lighting

Chandelier for room with high ceiling

Ceiling chandeliers of large sizes are advisable to use in corridors and kitchens in apartments with high ceilings, but small areas. Agree, a hanging chandelier in the hallway or in the kitchen will look out of place and not even functional, so it is better to opt for ceiling lights or flat light panels.

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