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Ceiling lamps and chandeliers for bedroom in modern style

When choosing a chandelier, the buyer is faced with an assortment of lamps made in various styles: vintage, classic, loft, retro, neoclassic, fusion... It is difficult for an inexperienced user to distinguish between them. We suggest paying attention to the chandeliers for the bedroom "Modern". This style is closest to most people due to its natural forms.


Ceiling lamps and chandeliers for bedroom in modern style


Modern style in the interior

Art Nouveau, in translation meaning “modern”, as an architectural and design style arose at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. This artistic direction is characterized by the minimal presence of straight lines and angles. Forms tend to reproduce natural curves, which are inherent in smoothness and naturalness.

The Art Nouveau bedroom is sure to have graceful rounded lines. They can intersect or be located in parallel, copy the forms of plants or natural objects.

In this style, furniture is made, windows and ceilings are decorated, it has asymmetry or curved lines. An ornament in the form of leaves, climbing vines, tree crowns is also possible.

Ceiling lamps and chandeliers for bedroom in modern style


Modern bedroom chandeliers have all or some of the listed features. Often, they have several light sources located in different planes. However, symmetry is also often used in this direction.

The color design is close to natural materials and flora. These are calm tons of white, pastel, light green, pink shades. There are metal and wooden fittings fixture fixtures.

The lighting device does not have to correspond to a certain style. Each lamp is a small work of art that brings the author's ideas to life. The direction is taken as a basis, and then the fantasy works. Therefore, chandeliers and sconces are often found, which have signs of several styles.

How to choose a modern chandelier in the bedroom

The bedroom does not need bright lighting, so the number of light sources for a bedroom chandelier varies from 3 to 5. The power of each of them does not exceed 60 watts, and 40 watts is more often used. To illuminate the bedroom with soft light, the total power of the lamp with incandescent bulbs is sufficient at the rate of 10-15 W per square meter.

  • To increase the illumination, it is worth choosing devices with shades turned down. To create softer light and even twilight, shades are selected that “look” up.

Wall sconces are used to illuminate certain places. Most often, a pair of sconces is placed on the wall at the head of the bed. A separate sconce can be at the dressing table. It is better if they are in the same style as the chandelier. There are many such sets, they are created specifically for the interior of the bedroom.

Ceiling lamps and chandeliers for bedroom in modern style

With a ceiling height of 2.5 meters, ceiling fixtures with a height of no more than 30-40 cm are used. If the ceilings are 2.7 meters and higher, then hanging chandeliers will look interesting. At the same time, they should not fall below 2.3 meters in order to look harmonious and not interfere with tall people.


Ceiling lamps and chandeliers for bedroom in modern style


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