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Best chandelier for small living room/bedroom

How to choose best chandelier for small bedroom

The interior design of a small room is always an interesting and non-trivial task. The variety of modern lamps is striking in its scope. If in a large space you can accelerate with large-scale ideas, then in conditions of limited footage you have to act with pinpoint accuracy so as not to overload the situation with unnecessary or inappropriate details. And at the same time, many people, of their own free will or due to circumstances, live in small apartments and houses. And almost everyone wants to make their home stylish and comfortable.

Properly selected lighting of the apartment is one of the important tasks of the designer. How to make a small apartment visually proportional using the play of light and selected lamps?

Types of chandeliers for the bedroom and their differences

Speaking about the problem of choosing lamps for the bedroom, one should especially dwell on the choice of their type:

  • hanging chandeliers are ideal for high ceilings. Even in a modest-sized room with high ceilings, such a lamp with several horns will look quite elegant and elegant;
Best chandelier for small living room/bedroom
  • ceiling models are more suitable for low rooms. Flat and pressed against the ceiling, the lamps are ideal for cozy small bedrooms - they create an atmosphere of calm and comfort.


Best chandelier for small living room/bedroom


Choosing fixtures for a small space

There are several basic rules that designers follow when lighting their projects:

  • If the room has low ceilings, it is better not to use one large chandelier, but to install several cheap ceiling lights in different parts of the room. 
  • A massive bulky chandelier will look beneficial only in conditions of a high ceiling.
  • If not enough natural light penetrates through the window in the room, it is better to opt for lamps with a transparent glass lampshade. Matte lamps let in much less light, but make it soft, diffused.
  • The best choice for a small room will be several lamps located around the perimeter or zoned.

If, nevertheless, one chandelier is required in a small room, crystal classic models should be preferred - they transmit light well and scatter it beautifully over the entire area, visually making it larger. For example, we advise you to pay attention to MIRODEMI lamps, which have proven themselves from the best side.

Best chandelier for small living room/bedroom


So, the general recommendations for choosing a chandelier have already been described, it's time to move on to choosing the lighting sources themselves. When designing a small apartment, you should adhere to minimalism in order to visually expand the available area. Since it is best to use several light sources in the interior of a small space, spotlights built into the ceiling will be the best choice. Such lamps will be able to visually highlight the zones of the room, which is important for studio apartments, where all the functions of the home are located in one space. And they will not visually make the streams lower, as will happen with ordinary chandeliers.

Wall sconces

The second option for lamps for a small apartment will be wall sconces. If you place several of these light sources of the same type in areas where functional lighting is most important, the room will take on a cozy and finished look. And, besides, in the case of sconces, you can always give free rein to your imagination in stylistic design - unlike spotlights, they do not require a purely minimalist design. Sconces can always be replaced with table lamps on a clothespin, and elegantly beat the interior.


Best chandelier for small living room/bedroom


If, according to the designer's idea, one central source of lighting is simply necessary in the interior, you should just carefully approach the choice of a chandelier. Firstly, it is better if it is fixed under the very ceiling, and not hanging on a long cord. In addition, you should pay attention to the plafonds of a laconic form of light shades - they will not distract attention from the general interior, they will give enough light and fit into almost any stylistic decision. Well, you should not choose a chandelier with several overall shades - it is better if it is one and large, or several, but small.


Best chandelier for small living room/bedroom


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