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Top tips for choosing wall lamps

Top tips for choosing wall lamps

Of the wide variety of lighting fixtures, wall lamps are becoming very popular, firmly established near beds, tables, mirrors and other home interior items. They allow you to create interesting effects and design solutions, replace the main lighting and act as decorative lighting. In this article, we will look at the main criteria that you should pay attention to choosing a wall lamp.

What do you need to consider choosing and installing a wall sconce?

- If you use a wall-mounted fixture to light a room, it must be mounted at a height of 6.5 feet. If you are positioning it above a table, sofa, or chair for directional light, measure the approximate height of the person sitting, usually 51-59 inches.

- To visually expand the space, place several wall sconces at the same height.

Top tips for choosing wall lamps

- Classic sconces made "antique" are not installed one by one. If you choose a single model, it should be in the same style with a chandelier or other interior items.

- To illuminate the mirror, use two devices, placing them on both sides. Choose sconces according to the design of the mirror. If it is oval, products with rounded shades are suitable, if with sharp corners - rectangular or square solutions.

- To illuminate paintings or photos, buy wall lamps with frosted glass elements. They don't create glare.

- If you are planning to illuminate a reading or hobby space with the wall lamp, choose swivel models without fabric or glass shades. They are brighter, and most of the samples can be adjusted in the direction of the light.

- If you have a narrow room, such as a hallway or stairwell, but you want a horn sconce, make sure that the horn will not interfere with movement.

- To visually lengthen the ceiling, choose models in which the light is directed upwards. If the lighting goes down, the ceiling will appear even lower.

Top tips for choosing wall lamps

- For the bathroom, choose appliances made of corrosion-resistant metal. The plafonds should be closed as much as possible so that water does not enter the cartridge.

- For the nursery and bedroom, buy models with matte shades. They will dim the lighting.

Top tips for choosing wall lamps

- In the bedroom, place the lights at a height of 51-55 inches so it will be convenient to turn them off without getting out of bed.

Top tips for choosing wall lamps

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