The perfect lighting for a small kitchen

    Even in the smallest kitchen, you should definitely use several light sources. The main thing is to do it right.

    The best combination of light sources

    1. in the work area, be sure to use the illumination under the hinged cabinets (these can be pendant and sidebar spot or lengthened lamps).
    2. as a general ceiling lighting for a small kitchen, spotlights, ceiling spotlights or compact rotary spotlights mounted on a tire or rail system are excellent. You can place such a backlight along the line of kitchen cabinets or along the perimeter of the ceiling at some distance from the wall.

    The perfect lighting for a small kitchen

    1. in the dining area should be used one pendant lamp with a beautiful ceiling or 2-3 small pendants that create a beautiful composition. This solution is not only useful (the countertop will always be well lit), but also spectacular from a decorative point of view. A beautiful lamp above the dining table often becomes a visual accent in kitchen design, a highlight that creates a mood and gathers the entire interior of a small kitchen into a harmonious complete design.

    The perfect lighting for a small kitchen

    Changing the angle

    For general lighting of a small kitchen, rotary spot and overhead lamps are perfect, which easily change the angle of inclination and the direction of light. Then you can easily control the backlight depending on the situation, illuminating exactly the place where more light is needed at the moment, and there will be no dark corners in your kitchen.

    Sometimes in small kitchens you can see furniture lamps on brackets that are attached to the top of the cabinets and "hang" over the countertop. You should not use them: they visually clutter up an already tiny space, visually weigh down hanging cabinets and create a sense of disorder.

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