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The chandelier's mission: to shine and decorate

If a person did not have a desire for beauty, it would be enough for him to have a naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling. But we know a sense of beauty, and therefore we’re ready to spend a lot of time, efforts and even money to ensure that our house is illuminated not by a miserable light bulb, but by a chandelier – beautiful and suitable for the style of the interior.

Modern chandeliers, of course, differ in many ways from their first progenitors – in addition to using lamps instead of candles – primarily by a variety of models, lighting power, sizes, materials and many other features. Choosing the one, the only one that will give you light and create an atmosphere in a particular room is not an easy task, because there are so many of them, and they are all so different, and each is wonderful in its own way! And yet it needs to be done, because a lot depends on the right choice of chandelier, starting from the atmosphere in the room and ending with a change in the geometry of the space.

Style is important!

In the classic interior, crystal chandeliers look great, which at one time grew in popularity, but today they have regained their well-deserved honor and respect. Crystal has always been associated with luxury, elegance, refined taste – all this you can bring to your interior together with a crystal chandelier. Modern crystal lamps amaze the imagination with their innovative shapes, unbroken models and filigree. The fashionable feature of this day is chandeliers made of colored crystal! They look truly magical, spilling over the room with a charming colored light. The iridescence of black, brown and blue crystal pendants is incredibly spectacular. Crystal chandeliers in combination with forged elements, including gilded ones, are always relevant. The design of crystal chandeliers knows no limits of imagination, there are even models decorated with precious stones!

The chandelier's mission: to shine and decorate

In addition to crystal lamps, chandeliers with a forged base and glass shades in the form of flowers, bells or balls, as well as classic chandeliers-candelabra will be appropriate in the classical style of the interior.

High-tech style and minimalism in tune with it are suitable for chandeliers with geometric shapes, the most functional and unobtrusive in appearance, not differing in impressive size. Often, adherents of these styles generally decide to abandon chandeliers, preferring laconic spotlights. But if you still do not think of home comfort without the usual chandelier, give preference to models made of metal and transparent glass.

The chandelier's mission: to shine and decorate

Modernity brings cozy lampshades back to our homes. Another variant of modern style lamps is frosted glass, wood and smooth lines. Among other characteristics of such lamps, it is worth noting the asymmetry of their shapes. Such chandeliers subtly and unobtrusively emphasize the individuality of the apartment and the taste of the owner.

A chandelier in this style is a worthy alternative to the classics, less magnificent, less solemn, but no less beautiful. And even crystal in modern chandeliers looks different - more modest and modern.

The chandelier's mission: to shine and decorate

Rustic style – country, chalet – are perfectly combined with hanging chandeliers made of natural materials – wood, ceramics, textiles. That's where you can find a worthy use for grandma's lampshades!

The chandelier's mission: to shine and decorate

Eclectic style (a mixture of styles), the owner of which is, without knowing it, many, allows you to use almost any lamps for lighting – a variety of shapes, colors and textures! But still, do not forget about compatibility - at least with some interior item in color scheme. Do not forget about the classic rule of choosing a chandelier: the color of the ceiling lamp should ideally coincide with the second dominant color in the interior

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