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The best pendant lighting for kitchen (1)

The best pendant lighting for kitchen (1)

Organizing the right lighting in the kitchen is very important, and pendant lights can help with this. Such a lighting device has its own characteristics and specifics of use. Hanging chandeliers cope with the task of zoning space, but they are not only attractive. In this article, we'll show you how to choose the best pendant light for your kitchen.


The kitchen is divided into functional areas:

- Working - countertop, sink and all surfaces that are used for cooking.

- The dining room is a place for eating.

To form a clear separation of these two areas, pendant lights are used. Due to the fact that they fall low, it is possible to achieve a clear separation.

They are convenient because they can be mounted over different areas in the kitchen, and the number is limited only by style and financial resources.


The most common:

- Spherical 

The best pendant lighting for kitchen

- Drop-shaped 

The best pendant lighting for kitchen

- Square

The best pendant lighting for kitchen

Lamps with a large diameter shade look original, however, these should only be used in large kitchens. Small spaces will visually become even smaller.


The size of the kitchen is different and you should select a pendant lamp based on this parameter.

Designer Tips:

- If the ceilings are less than 8.9 feet, then it is better to refuse suspended models, instead of them, mount a sconce on the wall.

- Bright lighting in a small kitchen hurts the eyes, so here compact local suspensions will come in handy. Moreover, the light should be diffused and come from several sources.

The best pendant lighting for kitchen

- If the quality of the ceiling finish is not very high, then ceiling lights are able to hide it, unlike those that are directed upwards.

- For large kitchens, you can safely use pendant lights. Moreover, they look good in combination with other types and levels of lighting.

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