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Never ending Classic

Never ending Classic

The origin of new styles reflecting the modern world causes the emergence of completely new interior items. This also applies to lighting fixtures, but at the same time, classic attributes still do not go out of fashion. Among the huge variety of models there are popular classic chandeliers, which are distinguished by interesting design solutions. And not necessarily they will be located in rooms with a large area, elegant classic models have been created for small rooms, which will become a real highlight of the interior. 

Never ending Classic

Features characteristic of classic chandeliers:

Classic chandeliers are created in accordance with certain requirements: they must have symmetrical shapes, straight, clear lines, harmonious proportions. Even if the chandelier has original shapes of lampshades, the symmetry of all details is a prerequisite. Thanks to these criteria, lighting attributes give the room respectability and a sense of luxury.

- Pompous and majestic appearance, lack of pretentiousness and inappropriate details.

 - The presence of several horns or bowl shades. Drawings on the bowl shades can be made in the form of gold or silver lines.

- Using only high quality materials, no cheap components.

- The color palette of classic chandeliers is not as wide as that of models of other styles. It includes calm shades: white, cream, brown, black, gray, gold and silver. 

Never ending Classic

Such tones reflect all the luxury, grace and elegance of the classic style. However, classic chandeliers of delicate colors are also popular: turquoise, pink, yellow, etc. In form, this attribute fully corresponds to the desired style direction, and the original shade allows you to make it the main accent in the room. Rarely, but there are saturated shades.

- Liberty of forms, asymmetry of the outline and variegated coloring are unacceptable.

- The use of a large number of suspension fittings or other decorative elements.

- Bowl shades have a smooth spherical shape, it is appropriate to use buds, leaves, twigs and other plant elements. They are mainly created from crystal, glass, porcelain.

- Such a chandelier, as a rule, has a big weight, which means that its base must be strong, better - metal.

Types of classic chandeliers:

Conservative - have simple and clear lines, bowl shades have a round or oval shape. Chandeliers of this type will fit well into any interior. 

Crystal - look very beautiful and spectacular. 

Never ending Classic

With floral design - floral motifs prevail in the decor and basic design. 

Never ending Classic

With a single large bowl shade - it is often made in the form of a large plate with its convex side down. There are ceiling options and models on a long pendant. 

Horn - placed on a solid bar or frame in the form of a chain. 

Snow-white classic - Chandeliers look very impressive and will fit well into any classic or modern interior. They will help create an atmosphere of conciliation and calm in the room. Lighting fixtures will add solemnity to the contrasting interior and emphasize the abundance of colors in the decor. 

Never ending Classic


Classical chandeliers have expensive materials, so they always have a spectacular look on the ceiling.

Classics will never go out of fashion, because they are always in trend.

Lovers of elegance and simplicity will appreciate these models.

Innovative technologies make lighting devices comfortable, despite their traditional character.

A well-chosen classic version will harmoniously fit into the interior and give it an atmosphere of feast and celebration.
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