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Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care (1)

Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care (1)

The attractiveness and elegance of the interior is made up of several invariable components: stylish furniture, high-quality finishing materials and properly organized lighting that fills the space with a special mood and comfort. Crystal chandeliers, which have been in fashion for decades, are perfect for creating a special atmosphere in every room. 

A crystal chandelier will give your home a unique sophistication and charm, emphasizing your outstanding taste. After all, the harmonious shape of such lighting devices and the exclusive technology of cutting and polishing crystal elements provide extraordinary clarity and refraction of light. At the same time, special processing does not allow dust and moisture to linger on the crystal.

Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care

What is the crystal used to make chandeliers?

Crystal is a type of glass enriched with compounds of lead, quartz, barium and other metals and elements that give the material shine and facilitate its processing. For example, Bohemian crystal, which is often mentioned in works of art, is made by adding calcium-potassium compounds to glass.

Models of chandeliers with colored crystal pendants are highly valued. The desired shade is obtained by adding various chemical impurities to the glass. It can be gold, cobalt, silicon or manganese. However, one of the most valuable, black crystal, can only be obtained by processing natural rock crystal.

Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care

The production of crystal pendants for chandeliers takes place according to a unique historical technique that has hardly changed over the more than 5000 years of glassmaking:

  1. Natural raw materials are taken as the basis, which are melted at a temperature of approximately 1500 degrees Celsius.
  2. Molten glass mass is produced manually or with the help of glass-forming machines.
  3. The crystal product is processed, as a rule, by hand, using a diamond edge.
  4. The crystal is polished by a chemical method - with the help of heated acids.
  5. If necessary, finished products are decorated with engraving.

Features and benefits of crystal chandeliers

Professional interior designers consider crystal chandeliers to be one of the most sought after types of lighting fixtures worldwide. Such lighting equipment combines a chic exterior design and a practical component. Such devices look spectacular in any room, giving them an aristocratic chic and allowing you to visually increase the height of the ceilings.

In addition, they have a number of distinctive properties and advantages:

  • Give the environment a sense of integrity and completeness. Having correctly calculated the location of the ceiling or pendant crystal chandelier, you can focus on important interior objects, individualizing and complementing the decoration of the room.
Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care

Interesting fact

For exceptional versatility in terms of compatibility with various styles in rooms with various functional purposes (from home living room and bedroom to cabinets and offices), crystal chandeliers have received the unspoken name of "flexible furniture".

  • Aesthetic light refraction formed by crystal facets. Such lamps generate an amazing glare effect on the walls of the premises. It has a calming and beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state, filling the space of the house with comfort and tranquility.
  • Long service life and easy maintenance. Crystal elements are made of durable and reliable natural materials, allowing them to remain intact and shiny even under negative circumstances, for example, when falling. If a crack or chip still appears on the suspension, you can almost always buy the necessary part. It is not difficult to clean a modern crystal chandelier - just dust it off in a timely manner. There are also cleaning methods to avoid dismantling the product.
  • Profitability. Lighting devices of this kind have high scattering and reflective properties, which means that you can use lower power bulbs for them. And practical LED crystal chandeliers are even more beneficial in terms of energy consumption.
Crystal chandeliers: types, features and specific care
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