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Most popular chandelier styles

The chandelier is a unique element of lighting and interior of any room. Depending on its appearance, it can not only complement the design, but also become its visual center, setting the style for your bedroom, kitchen, living room.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that today there are a huge number of whole trends and directions in decorating this interior detail. It is not so difficult to choose a chandelier that is suitable in terms of quality and visual appearance. Sometimes it is enough to have an idea of ​​how you would like to see your home.

Modern directions

Recently, various modern styles have gained popularity. This is because in these areas it is much easier to choose the type of chandelier that will fit into almost any interior. In addition, the choice is facilitated by a huge variation in the overall design and decor of the fixtures.

It is worth noting that modern trends are not at all limited to several options for modern or high-tech. Most of them represent a new take on a long-forgotten classic.


So, for example, chandeliers in the chalet style, also known as the "hunting" style, are gaining popularity, which is directly related to its decoration features. In general, lamps of this style are characterized by deliberate rudeness and massiveness in appearance. The founders of this movement were once considered Alpine shepherds, who decorated their homes with lamps, the creation of which was inspired by natural objects

Now this tradition is fully observed. A chalet-style chandelier can look like almost anything: an unhewn stone block, a large piece of ice, a piece of wood. When creating such an element of decor and lighting, animal horns, most often artificial, parts of dark solid wood or wrought iron can be used.

One of the main rules of hunting style is the impressive size of the chandelier. If it is not observed, then the lamp will simply be lost in its own decor.

Most popular chandelier styles


Vintage is also popular. This direction never loses its relevance, as it always wins due to the elegance and smoothness of forms.

In general, the vintage type of lamps will suit anyone who loves sophistication and a little touch of antiquity in the design of their homes.

The chandelier can be designed, for example, to look like a classic streetlamp. Often used in the manufacture of copper, brass, bronze.

Most popular chandelier styles


Much simpler and more affordable are chandeliers in the style of minimalism. As a rule, these are ceiling lamps, which not only save free space, but also attract attention with their conciseness. Smooth and light forms, the absence of an abundance of decor - all this allows you to use such chandeliers to decorate your room in any modern design.

Most popular chandelier styles


Of course, not only retro trends are popular today. Industrial, techno or even futuristic style have found their place in the manufacture of lighting elements. These can be very unusual LED lamps in their form, performing a purely decorative function, or full-fledged chandeliers in a modern design such as "UFO" or "Saturn".

Most popular chandelier styles


In addition to popular modern styles, which began to gain relevance only relatively recently, there are classical trends. They have been known in the culture of interior design and lighting design for many years, but still have not lost their relevance, having only slightly adapted to modern trends.

Most popular chandelier styles

Art Deco

Art Deco chandeliers remain quite famous. This style successfully combines sophistication and minimalism, while the chandeliers do not look deliberately massive and pompous at all. Their decor is dominated by interspersed motifs of Greece or Egypt, and the preferred colors are black or chocolate brown.

It is noteworthy that art deco ceiling chandeliers are great even for rooms with an average height of the ceiling, as they can successfully save free space.

Most popular chandelier styles

Selection Tips

Choosing the right chandelier for your home is not so difficult, despite the large abundance of different styles and trends. In order for the lighting element to look harmonious and complement the overall interior of your home, do not forget the following tips:

  • It is not always necessary to focus on the centralized lighting of the room. You can save space and choose a chandelier to suit the overall style, and complement the lighting with a wall sconce or floor lamp. However, do not forget that in this case you need a chandelier and a floor lamp in the same style;

  • In the living room, you need to choose a large chandelier model. Gothic options or a multi-tiered Empire style lamp can be perfect;

  • When choosing a chandelier for the bedroom, you should not forget about comfort and coziness. The ideal option is considered art deco, shabby chic or English style. As a rule, it is these chandeliers that easily fit into almost any room design option;

  • Do not forget that there are diode chandeliers for the home, which can perform not only a decorative function. They can be a great option for a small room like a corridor;

  • Suspended ceiling chandeliers are usually only suitable for rooms with high ceilings, as they can require too much extra space. However, some minimalist styles, such as art deco, can be successfully used even in small spaces.

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