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Crystal chandelier in the interior

If an American believes that there are crystal chandeliers in his interior, then a European may disagree with him. And both will be right, because the legislation of their countries defines this term differently.

Each country has its own definition

The difference between glass and crystal is not visible in the photo. It is about materials and their chemical composition.

In many countries, any glass containing lead is considered special. In America, only 1% of this metal is enough to safely call the material crystal. Europeans approach this definition more strictly. The European Union has adopted a special document stating that crystal must contain at least 10% lead. The presence of lead makes the glass more malleable - you can make any engraving on it.

Crystal chandelier in the interior

Advantages and features of crystal

The advantages of a lamp made of transparent crystals are pretty enough. Here are its aesthetic advantages:

  • This product gives the environment a complete look and emphasizes its style. Depending on the design idea, such a lamp can make the interior solemn or, conversely, playful.
  • Even a large device seems almost weightless, although this is far from the case.
  • Crystal facets create incredible glare on the walls of the room, which makes it more “alive" and friendly.
  • Many devices are unique - their elements are created manually.

Crystal chandelier in the interior

About the practical advantages:

  • Pendants made of fragile-looking material have great strength. But even if a chip appears, the damaged part can be replaced.
  • If the lamp is located in the living room or bedroom, it is enough to periodically brush off dust and treat it with an antistatic substance. It should be washed extremely rarely. The appliance hanging in the kitchen may require more frequent washing, but it also does not cause much trouble.
  • This thing does not lose relevance and does not depend much on fashion trends. Despite the fact that this purchase is expensive, it will pay off with long years of service.
  • Since crystals reflect and scatter light well, very powerful light bulbs will not be needed. Thus, crystal helps to save electricity.
Crystal chandelier in the interior

Interior styles and suitable lighting fixtures

A traditional crystal chandelier in a classic interior is the first thing that comes to mind. But in modern apartments, classics are not always appropriate, because the configuration of the room and even the view from the window will contradict this style. But such a model can be implemented in other interiors, not necessarily classic ones.

The vintage interior will be supported by neat lamps with crystal pendants. With them, both Provence and shabby-chic will become even more delicate and decorative.  

For a glamorous setting and lamps need appropriate. Crystals are perfectly combined with gold surfaces, velvet upholstery, mirrors.

Crystal chandelier in the interior

Minimalism is convenient because it will accept almost any lamp - both modern metal and, of course, crystal. After all, this style is like a blank sheet on which you can depict any drawing.

For the Scandinavian style, it is worth choosing a medium-sized model. Suitable options in the form of a circle or a ball, crystal tubes or other figures. 

For brutal interiors, there are also special models of lamps. But the loft-style crystal chandelier also looks interesting. Against the background of concrete walls and a rough wooden table, such a lamp will look fresh and boldly.

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