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How to choose the best chair for your room

To understand how to choose a chair, you need to determine its location and main purpose. Furniture should not only be comfortable and soft, but also perfectly harmonize with the interior, emphasize the advantages of the room, correctly place accents. In addition, they differ not only in appearance, but also in design features.

Soft chair design

Stylistic directions

Like the interior, the design of chairs is determined by the style. It is important that it coincides with the room in which it will stand to create a complete composition. Recently, the following directions have been popular.

At the head – modern

How to choose the best chair for your room

A sought-after style that is suitable for rooms with different configurations, for an apartment, a house, a public place. It combines modern solutions and classic features, creating a unique, original design. The beige-brown palette, natural materials, smooth lines, stylish patterns and maximum comfort are characteristic of the style.

In the rhythm of Provence

How to choose the best chair for your room

This category includes not only Provence, but also eco, patchwork and Mediterranean style, the main purpose of which is to cheer up and provide a relaxing pastime. Styles are characterized by the use of natural colors and materials, bright colors, a balance of palettes. Patchwork chairs are used as unusual accents and perfectly harmonize with the same saturated curtains.

Restrained modernity

How to choose the best chair for your room

A chair in the style of minimalism, high-tech, techno are made of metal, glass, plastic, while they should be soft and comfortable for relaxation. The upholstery is smooth, without a pattern. The color depends on the role of the furniture: neutral or accent. The maximum functionality of the chair is explained by the need for logical organization of space, the use of a minimum number of objects.

Color palette

Professional designers, before choosing a chair for the house, use Iten's color circle, which demonstrates opposite tones, determines belonging to separate palettes and allows you to choose the perfect combinations. Experts also give some important tips:

  • In the presence of bright finishes, warm, pastel tones of upholstered furniture will correctly muffle the atmosphere.
  • Classic solutions include gray, white, and black colors that go well with any palettes, as well as with each other.
  • For rooms that are located on the sunny, southern side, gray or blue chairs are well suited.
  • Gold, purple, burgundy are specific tones that need to be used wisely and properly shaded with wall decoration and decorative items.
  • To make the room warmer, upholstered chairs in yellow, green, blue tones are used.
  • A brown piece of furniture will give comfort and tranquility, well suited for classic interior designs.
  • Orange and red will add brightness and looseness, but they should be used only if the main emphasis is placed on a comfortable chair.
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