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Best portable Bluetooth speaker

Do you like the music? Almost anyone will answer "yes!". No one goes out without their favorite playlist in their smartphone and headphones anymore. However, there is one drawback in headphones — they do not allow you to share music with others. What to do in this situation? What to do during a vacation in nature with a large company when you want to add a little atmosphere with your favorite tunes? Get a portable speaker!

The modern market of mobile Bluetooth speakers is quite large. Gadgets differ in power, size, frequency range, etc. Some devices are suitable for a walking, others are able to replace full-fledged players at parties. We will help you decide on the choice and tell you about all the nuances when choosing a portable speaker.

Portable speaker for home

For home use, the speaker must be powerful enough to produce a decent volume level in the room, as well as meet certain parameters for high sound quality.

To watch movies and listen to music in a comfortable home environment, it is enough:

Power of 5-30 watts. It all depends on the size of the room where the speaker will be used. It is worth taking with a margin, because you may want to watch a movie with family or friends, and the speaker should cover the surrounding noise;

It is better if the speakers have stereo speakers with a medium diameter to provide a cool sound. A built-in subwoofer is optional, but desirable;

The frequency range is better suited in the area of 70-21000 Hz. This is quite enough to enjoy music and movies.

Speaker for resting outdoors


If you plan to listen to music outdoors, when traveling to the country or a picnic, then in addition to the fact that the speaker should be light, shockproof and moisture-resistant, the device may also slightly differ in characteristics from the usual home.

Power. You will need a more powerful column, the range of 10-50 watts will be suitable. The increased power is due to the fact that somewhere in the country or on the beach, the surrounding sounds will drown out the music, and the sound has nothing to reflect from, it will simply dissipate around.

The frequency range for "off-site" speakers is not so important, because the main thing in nature is to create an atmosphere and fun. A speaker with a range of 70-20,000 Hz is perfect for outdoor recreation. If you want to save money, even stereo sound is not required.

Party Speakers


It is necessary to choose from the most powerful and interesting devices. In addition to the usual functions, you can also choose with light music and focus on the parameters:

The power in the speakers for the party is of paramount importance. A good device should shout over the noisy crowd and provide a decent level of sound quality. On our website you can buy portable speakers with a power of up to 154 watts. Such a "car" will give you a real extravaganza of sound.

A wide frequency range and a stereo system are very important here. Several large speakers providing stereo sound, as well as one or even two subwoofers, are responsible for the sound quality in large portable speakers. The optimal frequencies are about 20-22000 Hz (or more), so that guests can fully appreciate the sound quality.

And as a bonus, on our website you can find an amazing unique speaker design from MIRODEMI Collection!

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