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LED Ring chandelier - fashion trend

Ring-shaped lamps have always been associated with harmony, infinity and comfort. Just remember those candlesticks on a round wooden rim that hung in castles and houses of rich people. Of course, now such lamps can only be seen in films, but they were replaced by practical and modern ring chandeliers on LED lamps. LED lamps (tapes) are the most profitable of all types of lamps, safe and durable.

Main Features of LED Ring Chandelier

  1. High-quality lighting - modern LEDs give a soft, eye-pleasing light.
  2. Variety of design solutions. You can choose a chandelier with rings for any room, for any interior, while it will always look stylish and modern.
  3. Most models have a control unit that allows you to adjust the color of the glow, brightness and other parameters.
  4. Saving. LEDs will last at least 50 thousand hours, and their energy consumption is 10 times less than conventional incandescent lamps.
  5. Safety. LED chandeliers do not contain mercury, phosphorus and other substances hazardous to the body. Such lighting fixtures do not heat up and are more resistant to mechanical damage than similar fixtures.
  6. Among the shortcomings, one can only single out a relatively high cost, but the difference quickly pays off due to savings on electricity.

Ceiling and pendant LED Ring chandelier - which one to choose

Chandelier in the form of rings can be:


LED Ring chandelier - fashion trend



LED Ring chandelier - fashion trend


    Chandelier with 2 rings


    A small chandelier with 2 rings in chrome, black or white will succinctly fit into a narrow hallway or small kitchen. In a spacious room, you can also pick up a chandelier with 2 rings, but then they should be large enough in size and have an interesting design, if the style of the interior allows it. 


    LED Ring chandelier - fashion trend


    Chandelier with 3 rings

    Three-ring LED chandelier is perhaps the most popular type of such lamps. Most models allow you to change the position of the rings: install them parallel to the ceiling, cascade, obliquely. A chandelier in the form of 3 rings of minimalist design will fit well into the interior of a small room decorated in modern, hi-tech or loft style. LED chandelier with 3 rings of minimalist design is a good solution for a modern interior.


    LED Ring chandelier - fashion trend

    Chandelier with 4 rings

    LED ceiling chandelier with 4 rings for a small room: kitchen, office or bedroom. If your apartment has a small living room in a modern style, this chandelier will also suit you. For a spacious living room, bedroom or stairs, a pendant chandelier in which the rings are arranged according to the cascade principle would be a good option. Cascading rings - an option for spacious rooms with high ceilings


    LED Ring chandelier - fashion trend


    Chandelier for 5-7 rings

    As a rule, the more rings in the chandelier, the more spacious the room it is designed for. Models for 5, 6 and 7 medium-sized rings are able to fill a room with quite high ceilings. Rings on long suspensions will highlight the desired area.


    LED Ring chandelier - fashion trend

    Criteria for choosing a LED chandelier with rings according to the type of room

    The purpose of the room in which you want to place a LED Ring chandelier will depend on:

    • recommended style;
    • number of rings;
    • glow color;
    • required level of illumination.

    The difference between the models in terms of the number of rings was discussed above, the stylistic decision is a matter of taste. If there is not enough light, you can additionally pick up sconces, floor lamps, suspensions or hang several lamps of the same model at once. This way you will fill the room with the necessary amount of light, while respecting the lighting levels.

    LED chandelier with rings is an excellent solution for those who are tired of standard chandeliers with shades and want to organize high-quality, stylish lighting in their apartment.

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