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How to combine a rug with other interior items?

- Surrounding furniture

Take a closer look at the furniture that is in the room and will surround the carpet. You can focus on the shades that prevail in your interior. In this case, there are two common combination options.

  1. You can choose a carpet in a similar tone. However, don`t take a model of the same color. If the shades of the carpet and the sofa that stands nearby match, the composition will become boring and monotonous. It is much more interesting when the tones are similar, but don`t repeat each other. Or you can choose the same color, but a different texture. For example, so that the rugs are distinguished by a discreet pattern. 
How to combine a rug with other interior items?
  1. The second combination option is to choose a contrasting model. In this case, you need to evaluate the nearby furniture in the same way and take the opposite color. For example, in a light beige design, a dark brown version will look great, and in white or light gray - black or graphite. And, conversely, if the furniture is dark, then light textiles will look good on the floor.
How to combine a rug with other interior items?

- Floor and wall color

You can also focus on the shade of the floor. A harmonious combination will turn out if you use contrasting colors: put a dark carpet on a light surface, and a light carpet on a dark one. For example, beige will look good with brown, blue with dark blue, and white with gray, and vice versa. 

How to combine a rug with other interior items?

If you plan to focus on the color of the walls, and not the floor, then it is better to choose rugs of a similar color a couple of tones lighter or darker. However, it is worth considering that it is impossible to choose a design in one shade - the interior will look flat and boring.

- Accent tones

In this case, you should focus on the colors that you previously added to the design. However, it doesn`t have to be very bright shades.

Any element can be the starting point when choosing an accent tone: the color of a picture, floor lamp, sofa, chair and other things. Moreover, it is not always necessary to additionally support the selected tone. If the accent flooring organically fits into the space, then you can leave it as the only bright element of the room. However, if it seems to you that something is missing, most likely, the composition should be supplemented. A couple of small details in the same color will complete the picture.

How to combine a rug with other interior items?

A bright solution is often used, as a rule, when choosing a carpet for the living room interior. In other rooms, colored elements are superfluous. For example, in the bedroom, on the contrary, you`d better to use more muted shades that soothe and prepare for sleep.

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