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How to choose the right size TV stand?

The process of choosing TV Stand will not take much time and effort if you follow a few basic recommendations:

- Select the size according to the dimensions of the TV.

- Specify its weight and the load that the cabinet can withstand.

- Find out what kind of fixing is suitable for your walls.

- Decide on the appearance: style, color, shape, materials.

- Provide additional features such as media compartment, cable management hole, lighting, etc.

How to choose the right size TV stand?

In this article, we will talk about such selection criteria as TV stand size and payload.

  1. TV stand size.

The first and most important rule: you should look for a cabinet after the TV is selected and its parameters are known.

There are no strict requirements for width and height, but a few things are important to pay attention to.

- The TV must not extend beyond the stand. That is, if it is not wall-mounted, the width of the cabinet must necessarily be equal to its width or more.

How to choose the right size TV stand?

- Standard widths range from 23.6 to 39.4 inches, but full-wall models are also available. It is worth remembering that the ratio of proportions affects visual perception.

Against the background of more bulky furniture, the screen of the TV itself will look smaller and vice versa - larger against the background of a small and elegant one.

How to choose the right size TV stand?

- The height should allow you to watch TV without having to lift or lower your head too much. Focus on where you used to sit watching movies and TV shows.

If in an armchair or on a sofa - choose a TV cabinet with a height of 19.7-23.6 inches. On the floor - then 13.8-15.8 inches will be enough for you. And if your living room is combined with the dining room, make sure that it is clearly visible from the table. Models up to 47.2 inches tall will fit.

If your TV cabinet is a stand with a bracket, then the height of the surface is not so important: you can fix the TV in any way that suits you.

How to choose the right size TV stand?
  1. Payload.

Don’t want the TV to collapse and break a couple of days after installation on the cabinet? Then, when choosing a TV stand, it is imperative to take into account the load that the furniture can withstand.

Each of us loads the TV stand in different ways - you will not find a universal product, and taking a TV cabinet with a huge margin of safety means dooming yourself to constant contemplation of a bulky massive object, the potential of which will not be used in this way.

Be sure to find how much load the top shelf or bracket can withstand. Also keep in mind that more than just a TV can be installed on the top shelf, so add up the weight of all appliances, accessories and other items. Do not forget to add a margin, and if there are kids in the house who are just getting to know the world and love to hang on home furniture, then the margin of safety should be maximum.

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