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Best chandelier for small kitchen

The organization of proper lighting in a small kitchen has its own important nuances. What lamps are best suited for a small kitchen, and what lighting methods should be avoided - read in this article.

Even in the smallest kitchen, you should definitely use several light sources. The main thing is to do it right.

How to choose lighting for a small kitchen?

  1. In the working area, be sure to use working lighting under wall cabinets (these can be overhead and recessed spotlights or elongated lights).
  2. Spotlights, ceiling soffits are great as general ceiling lighting for a small kitchen. You can place such a backlight along the line of kitchen cabinets or along the perimeter of the ceiling at some distance from the wall.
  3. In the dining area, you can use one pendant lamp with a ceiling or 2-3 small pendants that make up a beautiful composition. Such a solution is not only practical (the tabletop will always be well lit), but also spectacular from a decorative point of view. A lamp above the dining table often becomes a visual accent in kitchen design, a highlight that creates a mood and collects the entire interior of a small kitchen into a harmonious whole.
Best chandelier for small kitchen

Tips for choosing lighting for a small kitchen:

- Sometimes in small kitchens you can see furniture fixtures on brackets that are attached to the top of the wall cabinets and "hanging" over the countertop. You should not use them: they visually clutter up an already tiny space, visually make hanging cabinets heavier and create a sense of disorder. 

- In a small kitchen there is no place for complex lamps with elaborate designs. It is worth giving preference to concise compact models of lighting fixtures. In a small kitchen, they look much better: they do not attract too much attention to themselves, do not visually overload the space and easily fit into any interior. 

Best chandelier for small kitchen

- The chandelier should be compact, but not small. A small lamp with small details will only emphasize the already modest size of the kitchen. The most important thing is to maintain proportions. 

Best chandelier for small kitchen

- The best choice - chandeliers without suspension, which are attached directly to the ceiling. The closer the shades are to the ceiling surface; the less precious height is hidden.

Best chandelier for small kitchen
- A chandelier will help smooth out the unpleasant effect of a low ceiling, the ceiling lights of which do not shine down (visually, this hides the scarce height even more), but up. Such a lamp visually raises the ceiling and creates an interesting play of light and shadows on its surface.
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