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Unique wall sconces for home decor

Properly selected lighting plays one of the key roles in the interior. A thoughtful lighting scenario adds aesthetics, brightness or comfort to the interior, and also performs the role of zoning.

While creating a design project, lighting sources are often moved from the ceiling to the walls and even to the floor. Sconces and wall lamps in this case make a bright accent in many styles: from classical to high-tech. Even when the lights are turned off, the lights still can't attract attention.

Professional designers are not limited to one type of lighting, but make combinations of different light sources. In a room, several sconces  used at once  can help to create a multi-level light with a 3D effect. A special comfort is added by the tiered arrangement of sconces for highlighting individual interior elements, such as paintings, flower shelves, wall openings. That kind of an interior technique expands the space. Wall lamps give a softer light than ceiling ones, so they are more suitable for the bedroom, living room and other recreation areas.

In modern lighting design you can observe such key trends like: minimalism, natural materials, matte textures, geometric shapes, updated retro.



Unique wall sconces for home decor


Conciseness is the main feature of lamps in this style. The products have no unnecessary details and rich decor. These wall lamps are distinguished by strict forms with an emphasis on functionality. Sconces in the style of minimalism are usually made in light pastel monochrome, without prints and decorations. Contrasting combinations of black and white, as well as other colors, are especially popular this season.

Natural materials


Unique wall sconces for home decor


This season, glass lamps with inserts of genuine leather or semi-precious crystals are popular. Wood gradually takes a dominant position. Sconces of wood can be made with extraordinary fine carvings, unusual shapes and shades. The wood is a warm material, and when heated, the aroma of the forest comes from the wooden lampshade. That’s why many people place wooden sconces above the bed to add comfort to the bedroom.

Matte textures


Unique wall sconces for home decor


Frosted glass surfaces create a subdued light without glare. Choosing a lamp for the hallway, designers recommend paying attention to the matte flat plafonds, which are usually attached close to the ceiling. For the kid's room, you can buy matte ceiling lights in pink or lilac tones in the form of a cone or a bulb.

Geometric shapes


Unique wall sconces for home decor


Geometric sconces made of lightweight plastic or metal structures in the form of a trapezoid, interconnected circles, give an office or living room lightness and airiness. The main trend of the season is strict triangles, squares, polygonal shapes, transparent bubbles, balls, cubes, cones and intertwined ovals.

Updated retro


Unique wall sconces for home decor


Square, massive recessed lamps decorated with stucco are in fashion. Sconces and brass lamps also fit well into the retro style. You can pay attention to the wall ceramic lamps of an oblong shape with a gold and silver finish. An equally interesting solution is retroplafons with standard incandescent or opaque Edison lamps. The materials in the trend are bronze and multicolored mosaic glass.

In addition to all above, interior design stubbornly pursues a course of imitation of nature, being inspired by its motives, and sometimes quite realistically copying objects of the plant world. That is why designers also advise to pay attention to floral wall lamps in the form of leaves or flowers, which successfully emphasize architectural solutions. Tiffany style sconces are quite popular - lamps of different shapes and colors made of glass elements that are soldered together. 

Unique wall sconces for home decor

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