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Secrets of Wall sconces

The first wall lamp appeared in those distant times when a man stuck a burning torch between the stones in his cave. Torches were replaced by candles, which gradually replaced electric lamps at the end of the XIX century. Sconces (wall lamps) have gone a long way in evolution, and now with their help, they not only improve the lighting of rooms but also solve several design tasks. We will share with you the secrets of placing sconces in various rooms.

Wall lamps and their varieties

The French word "bras" means "hand". In fact: I stretched out my hand — and the lamp is on! Sconces became especially popular in the XVII century when chandeliers were replaced by lamps made of bronze, copper, and glass. The advent of electricity was the impetus for the manufacture of sconces of various types.

To date, the range of wall lamps is very wide. With their help, you can highlight significant objects in the interior, divide the room into zones, and increase the illumination of the room. In addition, the original sconces can act as an independent decoration item.

Sconces are easy to install and maintain. They are conditionally divided into several types:

  • Near-surface sconces. The lamp is structurally tightly pressed against the wall. Most often these are reflected light fixtures. Such models are stylistically versatile and diverse in shape, color, texture, and size.

Secrets of Wall sconces

  • Wall sconces on the bracket. The models are diverse in design and materials. Sometimes a group of lampshades is placed on one common base: this design looks very original and creates a good level of illumination. Such lamps look interesting in interiors of different styles. Sometimes sconces are made in the form of several lamps on a common base.

Secrets of Wall sconces

  • Open lamps — sconces without a canopy, often represent an imitation of candles. Perfect for interiors in classical style, Baroque or rococo, for example, crystal wall sconces.

Secrets of Wall sconces

  • Sconce with directional light and adjustable base. These models can be controlled by directing them to the right place. Directional sconces are perfect for high-tech interiors. They are very convenient near mirrors, in reading areas. An example of such a lamp is a base with a lampshade that rotates freely.

Secrets of Wall sconces

How to choose a wall lamp?

To make the sconce a truly beautiful, appropriate, and functional element of the interior, ask yourself a few questions:

  • in which room do you want to place the sconce?
  • what are the general style of this room and its dimensions?
  • how many lighting fixtures are already available in the room, what are they?
  • how many windows are there in the room and where are they located?
  • what is the original purpose of placing sconces: lighting or decor?
  • what is the humidity level in the room?

The answers to the questions will form the parameters of the lamp that suits you: size, color, shape, material, number of light sources, power, and degree of protection. After that we’ll take a closer look at the choice of sconces for each specific room.

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