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How to choose lighting for stairs

How to choose lighting for stairs

In any interior, lighting plays an important role in terms of aesthetics. For stairs and flights of stairs, the quality of the light is also the basis for safety.

If for a small staircase one lamp may be enough, then large staircase structures will require several light sources. By combining various fixtures and natural light, you can create the right lighting for any staircase.

But the best option may be staircase chandeliers

- If the house has several flights of stairs, it is recommended to hang long luxurious chandeliers. They will completely illuminate the entire area. The length of such chandeliers can be more than three meters.

– Also, if the staircase is the central element in the room, then it is recommended to choose large chandeliers with elements of glass and metal. They will become the main element in interior design.

- Large long chandeliers are also the only possible option if the stairs do not touch the walls and are placed in the middle of the room.

1. Multi-tiered

How to choose lighting for stairs

In the design of such a lighting device, there is a central rod, lamps and pendants are fixed on it. This type of chandelier is traditional, well suited for small spans. In compliance with the installation rules, they will illuminate not only the stairs, but also the hall in which it is located.

These fit into the classic design, but modern options can be applied in any other style.

2. Cascade types

How to choose lighting for stairs

They are also called spans, they are diverse in style and appearance - from luxurious with many decorative elements to minimalistic, with little or no decor. They are considered complex, as even the simplest designs are made up of a large number of individual elements that together create a work of art.

Their light source is distributed evenly along the entire length, and it can vary within 1-3 meters. Suitable for lighting long stairs to 2-3 floors. The visual effect from them is very attractive - the effect of flowing light is created.

Another good option for stairs may be wall sconces. 

Wall sconces can be used for small flights of stairs. They fit easily into any stair design. In addition, sconces allow you to highlight the stairs in the right places.
How to choose lighting for stairs
Also today, sconces are available in any style from various materials, which allows you to choose the best option, given the interior design of the room. It is better to buy sconces from one collection, which will create a harmonious atmosphere on the landing.
How to choose lighting for stairs
It is recommended to choose such models of sconces so that they do not interfere with people climbing stairs. It is also better to choose lamps with closed shades, which are easier and easier to care for.
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