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How to choose a shower column

How to choose a shower column

1. Choose the method of installation and fastening

According to the installation method, open shower columns and shower systems built into the wall are distinguished.

An open shower column is attached to the wall: all its nodes and elements remain in sight. To install such a model, you just need to make holes for fasteners in the wall. Therefore, an open rack can be placed in a finished room instead of an old shower: you don’t have to disassemble the tiles on the wall and repair the room.

How to choose a shower column

The built-in shower column is partially mounted in the wall: the hose and mixer are hidden behind the tiles. Both watering cans, a hand shower hose and control levers remain outside. Such a system can only be installed at the stage of bathroom renovation: when the cladding is not yet ready, since holes for the faucet and pipe wiring will have to be drilled in the wall.

How to choose a shower column

2. Decide on the configuration of the shower column

The basic equipment of an open shower column is a bar, on which an upper and a hand shower with a holder are fixed, and most often a built-in mixer. The kit may also include a thermostat and spout.

A built-in shower system consists of: a head shower, a hand shower with a hose, a faucet and sometimes a thermostat.


On some shower racks, the height of the top showerhead is also adjustable. This is convenient if people of different heights use it. Everyone can customize the shower for themselves.

How to choose a shower column

Hand shower

With a hand watering can, you can take a shower without getting your head wet. And with the help of it it is easier to take care of the bathroom, shower enclosure or cabin.

How to choose a shower column

The watering can is attached to the bar with a holder, with the help of which its position can be adjusted in height and angle of inclination. This is convenient if there are small children in the family: it is easy to adjust the watering can to the height of the child and bathe him.


The shower column can be with or without a built-in faucet. Models without a mixer are usually cheaper.

How to choose a shower column

Shower column without faucet. A convenient option if a faucet is already installed in the bathroom. The advantage is that in the event of a breakdown, replacing a separate mixer will be easier and cheaper than a built-in one.

How to choose a shower column

A shower column with a built-in faucet looks more elegant, as it is connected directly to the faucet, without additional hoses.

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