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How to choose a rug for living room (1)

Modern rugs are used not so much for warmth, but to complement the interior. This explains the emergence of many different models, which complicates the issue of choice. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a rug for the living room so that it fits in style, texture, color, size and other important characteristics. 

Which material to choose?


- Natural

Natural rugs are very pleasant to the touch, and they also look really luxurious. Such models are chosen by those who appreciate naturalness in any manifestation. In the living room, such rugs are appropriate because they are the most durable. Made from wool, silk, cotton or bamboo.

- Man-made or synthetic fibers

Artificial fibers and synthetic materials are widely used because they have low cost and good performance. Such raw materials have also expanded the possibilities of design, so rugs made from such materials are represented by a large number of different models. Rugs made of synthetic materials are also quite durable.

Thus, both rugs made from natural materials and synthetic ones are good - this is already a matter of taste. It is worth noting that some natural materials may be allergic, so whoever has - it is better to choose synthetic or cotton rugs - they are hypoallergenic.

How to choose the color of the rug?

- If the floor covering is dark, then the color of the carpet should be contrasting, i.e. light or one tone lighter. 

How to choose a rug for living room?

- If the floor is light, then the carpet may have the same tone, just a different shade or a completely different color. 

How to choose a rug for living room?

- Light shades of rug are always less practical than dark ones. But they visually expand the space, which is important for small rooms.

How to choose a rug for living room?

- It is good if the carpet will have the same color or a close shade, in which some interior elements are made.

How to choose a rug for living room?

The main rule is that the color of the rug should be combined with the flooring.

How to choose a rug pattern for the interior in the living room?

- Traditional French rugs with floral motifs, arabesques and elements of baroque ornaments are ideal for the classical style.

- Modern style requires more rigor, so a plain rug is ideal here. Geometric patterns and avant-garde symbols are acceptable. 

How to choose a rug for living room?

- African style is not complete without rugs with animal prints, and oriental - without the corresponding ornaments of the Arabic orientation.

- Ethno-style is exotic with a reddish-brown natural palette, including bright contrasting shades.

- In modern popular styles such as loft, hi-tech, minimalism, the rug can be almost anything, but a discreet 2-3-color palette and an abstract or geometric pattern are preferable.

How to choose a rug for living room?

Designers often resort to a technique in which the pattern on the rug repeats the print on furniture or textiles: curtains, pillows. This is suitable for not too bright colors that do not draw attention to themselves. Otherwise, it will turn out luridly. A design with a geometric pattern and other types of prints is better to choose for spacious rooms, otherwise the living room will be overloaded with various ornaments.

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