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Filter faucets

Filter faucets

It's no secret that tap water is not always of good quality, so many install special filter faucets. What are they good for:
  • durable and easy to use;
  • do not take up much space in the kitchen, it is possible to install even in a small room;
  • have a simple installation, no need to buy additional hoses and so on.

Filter faucets

  1. Higher cost;
  2. Filter replacement is required from time to time.

In appearance, the faucet for the filter is no different from the usual one, the only thing is that there is a hole on the spout designed for drinking water. The principle is this: you turn the lever on one side and get drinking water, on the other hand - household water. Of course, there is only one spout here, but these two types of water do not mix with each other, entering into different holes.

Filter faucets

There are filters in the mixers, which are divided into:

  1. Household;
  2. With reverse osmosis.

Household filters purify water well, at the exit it turns out suitable for drinking and cooking. They are installed under the sink, connecting through a special hose to the mixer. It is convenient that a separate container is not needed here - the water is filtered during the supply process.

Reverse osmosis filters are the most reliable and efficient. Water purification takes place at the highest level, and this despite the fact that no chemicals are used here. This design has an interesting structure that does not allow anything but water molecules to pass through.

Filter faucets

There are also special filters for the faucet, they do a good job of cleaning, but they must be changed in a timely manner, because. a small amount of sorbent is concentrated in the design.

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