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A kitchen mixer tap is no less important part of it than a stove. Its dimensions, functions and additional features provide a degree of comfort for the implementation of household processes associated with washing, rinsing and cooling, therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of such with all responsibility and care.

What should be the ideal kitchen faucet

The first and perhaps most important feature of a kitchen sink faucets is its height above the sink. The larger the size of the gander, the greater the number of dishes, as well as the more items that can fit in the sink and be washed without tricks. But this moment also brings with it not very positive qualities - these are splashes and increased noise when the liquid hits the surface of the sink.

The second point is the control and regulation of the water temperature. In this case, there are two types of mixers:

  • Dual handle
  • Single lever

Ease of operation depends on habit, although any type can be quickly adapted. But, most often, one handle kitchen faucet are installed in the single faucet kitchen, which allow you to use them even if your hands are busy or dirty. In addition, they are quite simple to repair and you can return them to working capacity by independent efforts, without calling a plumber.

The material for the manufacture of a kitchen taps affects not only its durability and performance, but also your health. So it is advisable when choosing a new kitchen faucet set to inquire about the availability of a quality certificate on it. High-quality material of the best kitchen sink faucets is safe and will extend the life of mixer mechanisms for many years - due to frequent temperature changes, many parts can fail if the cheapest metals and alloys were used for their manufacture. Do not forget that the kitchen water faucet will often have to be cleaned of dirt, so it is better to choose a non-staining and easy-to-clean material that is not scratched and is not afraid of abrasive household chemicals. So you can keep new faucet attractive appearance for a long time.

Well, the last thing to consider when buying a best kitchen faucet is the presence of filters. They are several strainers that prevent the penetration of small particles of metal and debris that often break off from water pipes.

Filter faucets

It's no secret that tap water is not always of good quality, so many install special filter faucets. What are they good for:

  • durable and easy to use;
  • do not take up much space in the kitchen, it is possible to install even in a small room;
  • have a simple installation, no need to buy additional hoses and so on.

In appearance, the kitchen water tap for the filter is no different from the usual one, the only thing is that there is a hole on the spout designed for drinking water. The principle is this: you turn the lever on one side and get drinking water, on the other hand - household water. Of course, there is only one spout here, but these two types of water do not mix with each other, entering different holes.

There are filters in the mixers, which are divided into:

  1. Household;

  2. With reverse osmosis.

Household filters purify water well, at the exit it turns out suitable for drinking and cooking. They are installed under the sink, connecting through a special hose to the mixer. It is convenient that a separate container is not needed here - the water is filtered during the supply process.

Reverse osmosis filters are the most reliable and efficient. Water purification takes place at the highest level, and this despite the fact that no chemicals are used here. This design has an interesting structure that does not allow anything but water molecules to pass through.

How to choose a faucet spout

The spout is the part of the kitchenfaucet that most people notice first; it's the part that delivers water from the body to the sink and it can be distinctive in its design. Knowing these differences, you will be able to make the right choice and buy best pull out kitchen faucet.

Kitchen tap faucet with a high spout are installed in deep sinks, it is convenient to wash tall dishes and fill containers with water. A high spout can be C-, R-, L-, U-shaped, etc., when choosing a spout shape, consider working points: the water jet should hit exactly in the middle of the sink, otherwise there is a chance of water splashing on the surface of the countertop. If you have a sink with 1 bowl, you can buy kitchen faucet that rotates 120-140 degrees. If you have a sink with 1.5-2 bowls, a kitchen sink spout with a 180-degree turning radius will be more convenient. If you have a sink installed on a kitchen island, water faucet for kitchen sink with a 360-degree swivel radius will do.

Pull-out faucet spouts are suitable for any size sink. The retractable kitchen faucets part in the form of a hose is located on the body and extends to the required distance, as a rule, it is up to 120 cm. Best kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer look compact and organic, some mixers have several modes: shower and jet (for example, the delicate shower mode will not spoil the berries when rinsing). The retractable hose of the kitchen sink faucet with pull out sprayer makes it easy to fill bottles, tall vases, large pots without lifting them into the sink.

The faucet with folding spout and removable kitchen faucet is suitable for sinks installed by the window. So that the device does not interfere with the opening/closing of the window, at the right time it is brought to a horizontal position.