How to choose a portable speaker?

    There are many speakers available; choosing the best one seems to be a challenge. So, today we'll share with you the top 5 most important recommendations for selecting a portable speaker.

    1. Size and arrangement

    Another important factor when picking a portable speaker is the speaker's size and configuration. Low-end Bluetooth speakers frequently contain a single speaker hidden within, which makes them lighter but produces mono sound of only a few watts. Although they could be heavier, nicer speakers typically provide 2.1 channel sound with a subwoofer. If you're just looking for a portable speaker, low-end Bluetooth one will be enough for you. 


    How to choose a portable speaker


    1. Battery life

    Usually, a built-in battery is included with a portable speaker, but not all built-in speaker batteries are created equal. The latter is a better choice for longer travels because some only have a few hours of operation time on a single charge while others have up to 10 hours. 

    How to choose a portable speaker


    1. Toughness

    You might want a sturdy speaker with a water-resistant function, or one that can even operate underwater, if you enjoy taking your portable speaker with you to the park or on a hike.

    How to choose a portable speaker


    1. For musicians

    Some speakers have the ability to serve as an amplifier for a dynamic microphone, electric guitar, or keyboard. For instance, certain speakers let listeners to use iOS and Android apps. 


    How to choose a portable speaker


    1. Price

    The cost shouldn`t be overlooked when choosing a portable speaker. Your alternatives depend on how much money you can spend. A limited budget may also limit your options. Never assume that just because a speaker is expensive that it is also good. Keep in mind that just because a speaker costs a lot doesn't mean it's excellent. Here you will find low-cost speaker of high quality


    How to choose a portable speaker


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