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Preparing for Christmas

When it's cold outside and it gets dark early, and childhood longing is on your soul, only an increase in the degree of comfort in your own home can save the situation. Slowly, everywhere: in shop windows, offices and courtyards – New Year's tinsel begins to appear and lanterns are lit. The smell of fir branches is in the air, and the whole city is filled with a warm and charming Christmas atmosphere. Why not fill your house, apartment or even a rented room with it?

Preparing for Christmas

We spend a little time in the hallway, but it is this room that creates the first impression about the house. You can not pay much attention to it, but only make a few touches:

A wreath on the door

You can't do without a wreath, it is a mandatory traditional element of Christmas decor. The classic version of the wreath is spruce branches, cones, nuts, dried oranges, cinnamon, star anise, twigs of red berries: viburnum, rowan, etc. In the color scheme – the predominance of shades of gold, red and silver. Such wreaths, if you like needlework, are easy to make with your own hands.

Preparing for Christmas

Vases with bouquets of fir branches and candles on the shelves

Minor and not obvious details of the New Year's decor of the hallway, which will undoubtedly add charm to any room.

Candles do not have to be lit if you are afraid of a fire. And if you still want to feel the mysterious twilight illuminated by weak lights, you can replace the candles with battery-powered flashlights.

Preparing for Christmas

Decoration of the living-room for the New Year

A living room or a hall is the heart of a house decorated for Christmas and New Year. This process needs to be approached with an open heart, because it is in the living room that there is a Christmas tree, gifts are opened on Christmas night, the whole family is going to a festive feast... Even if you don't have a family, creating a festive atmosphere in the house and providing a good mood is a manifestation of self–love.

Preparing for Christmas


Lights everywhere and as much as possible are a guarantee of a magical atmosphere and a source of constant light when it gets dark early outside the window. Choose yellow lanterns, not white ones – thanks to them, the lighting will be softer and warmer. Traditionally, lanterns decorate the Christmas tree, but do not limit yourself to this. The lights will look original on the windows, on the wall, on the shelves, on the table and on any item of your interior.

Preparing for Christmas

And about Christmas tree…

We will not teach you how to decorate a Christmas tree, although there are many trends in this art: decoration in a monochrome scale or vice versa, in certain combinations of colors, minimalism, as well as a variety of compositions in the plane to replace the Christmas tree.

Today, environmental trends and Christmas tree toys made of natural materials are gaining more and more popularity instead of tons of plastic, which is plentifully presented on supermarket shelves. It can be the same dried oranges, cones and cinnamon sticks, or it can be toys made of wood or glass from real masters.

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