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Staircase Chandeliers

  • Cabris | Nordic Modern Long Glass Balls Chandelier

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    Original price $871.00
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    $653.00 - $1,319.00
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    The beauty of the Cabris Nordic Modern Long Glass Balls Chandelier from MIRODEMI lies in its simplicity and sophistication. Inspired by the clean l...

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  • Sestri Levante | Stunning Gold Crystal Ball Chandelier

    Original price $1,272.00 - Original price $2,507.00
    Original price $1,272.00
    $954.00 - $1,880.00
    $954.00 - $1,880.00
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    This exquisite gold crystal ball chandelier showcases a unique and modern design that is sure to make a statement in any space. The ball-shaped sil...

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Stairwell Chandeliers. Modern Staircase Lights. Staircase Lighting

In most cases, staircase light design is not purely decorative; it also serves a very real function in terms of safety. Glare should be avoided and care taken, while using indoor lighting to enhance the shape can add beauty and softness. In any interior, lighting plays an important role in terms of aesthetics. For stairs and flights of stairs, the quality of the light is also the basis for safety.

Perfect for decor lovers, staircase lighting will give you the most customizable options.  A range of stains for a graphic and contemporary look, such as wicker chandeliers for a chic rustic vibe, or minimalist glass beads for a clean design. You can even play with a stack of stairwell pendant lighting if the size of the lights and the size of your ladder are right for it.


 There are many options for chandeliers for stairs, due to the variety of models, it is possible to solve the issue of lighting even complex architectural structures and long spans.  Among the requirements for light sources that they will be placed on this site, there are the following: 

  • The task is to ensure safe movement on the stairs.  All sections of the stairs must be illuminated.  Moreover, the chandelier will help, how to combine the staircase with the room that surrounds it, and highlight it.
  • The power of the light sources used is such that it does not blind a person who rises.  Lampshades, shades, reflective elements should be used or the light should be directed upwards.
  • There are no special requirements for light sources, both incandescent and halogen, fluorescent or you want something unique like led stairs, LED lamps can be used and it will provides led stair lights. The last two options are very economical, and since many sources are needed for the type of chandeliers in question, their use is preferable. Even if the chandelier is about 3 meters long, the electricity bills won't be too big. Especially carefully, from the point of view of appearance, you need to treat the choice of lamps for stairwell lightning if they are open in the chandelier.
  • When choosing a beautiful long chandelier, the owners do not always think about one important question – how to turn this beauty on and off. Situation: you need to climb up, for this there is a switch at the bottom. But having reached the top, there is a problem of how to turn off the staircase ceiling lighting – not to go down again, going through all the flights of stairs. In this case, when buying and installing, you should take care of pass-through switches or switches. These electrical installation products help to solve the above task. That is, the control of one device occurs from two or more points.


 There are many options for long staircase chandeliers for a country house or cottage, and they meet the above requirements.  At the same time, each of the types has its own characteristics and has a certain decorative effect, without which it is also impossible to do in a modern interior.

Cascade Type

 They are also called spans, they are diverse in style and appearance - from luxurious with many decorative elements to minimalistic, with little or no decor. We can say that is not classic chandelier, but  staircase chandelier modern  They are considered complex, as even the simplest designs are made up of a large number of individual elements that together create a work of art. Their light source is distributed evenly along the entire length, and it can vary within 3-9 feet. Long chandelier for staircase are suitable for lighting long stairs to 2-3 floors. The visual effect from them is very attractive - the effect of flowing light is created. The interior with cascading chandeliers looks original and unique. Also it can be used as outdoor stair lights.

Columnar Long

 Columnar lamps look modern, you can’t even call them chandeliers, since there is no decor.  Outwardly, it is a cylinder (its length is different), inside which light sources are placed.  This is a suitable option if you want to achieve even and bright lighting over the entire height of the stairs. a long chandelier for a staircase can look like a luminous column or cascade decorated with pendants made of glass and other material. Less often, classical ceremonial products in the palace style are used, with exquisite plafonds, crystal spheres and other fancy decor.

The design of the "span" chandeliers is extremely diverse: from pretentious classics to laconic high-tech, from delightful "bouquets" of floristry to incredible forms of the modernist trend. Such a lighting device can be matched to an interior made in any style. However, this should be done competently and thoughtfully. If you have any problems with the choice of a long chandelier, it is better to consult specialists.

Pendant Type

Staircases are often darker areas in homes, so you’ll need to add a lot of light. Hanging light fixtures for stairwell, especially when hung in multiples, can make a statement in a staircase — and provide more than enough light. One of the most important considerations when choosing pendant lights for a stairwell is the height, as they need to be high enough for people to pass underneath them without knocking into the light. Large, bright pendants are ideal for stairwells — and, if you’d like to make even more of a statement, opt for color-capable lights. 


- If the house has several flights of stairs, it is recommended to hang long luxurious chandeliers. They will completely illuminate the entire area. The length of such chandeliers can be more than three meters.

– Also, if the staircase is the central element in the room, then it is recommended to choose large chandeliers with elements of glass and metal. They will become the main element in interior design.

- Large long chandeliers are also the only possible option if the stairs do not touch the walls and are placed in the middle of the room.

The organization of staircase lighting is an interesting and exciting task. We would say a real "treasure trove" for the implementation of design ideas and the most daring ideas. In addition, modern chandeliers of the widest range of materials, shapes, textures and colors contribute to this in every possible way. So don't be afraid to experiment with Mirodemi!