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Modern tub faucets differ in functionality, types, materials and efficiency. The first and most important rule is that the bathtub faucet must be perfectly balanced with the bathroom sink. Colored bathroom sink faucets are another way to freshen up the interior: white, black, bronze, silver, etc.

Bathroom faucet: materials

The material from which the mixer is made directly affects its durability.

Stainless steel basin taps is affordable, has good performance, withstands pressure surges in the system, and is resistant to corrosion. When choosing a stainless steel faucet, pay attention to the quality of the steel, for example, stainless steel may serve you for more than 10 years, and a cheap stainless steel analogue will be covered with corrosion spots in a year.

Silumin (an alloy of silicon and aluminum) is not very durable. Silumin tub and shower faucets attract with their inexpensive price and beautiful appearance, however, this is where the pluses end. Such tub spout will serve you no more than 1-2 years, they may start to leak, they may crack anywhere and at any time and create a threat of flooding of the apartment. A silumin shower and tub faucet sets is suitable as a temporary option, for example, during repairs.

Brass is an excellent material for a bathroom tub faucets. Pros - strength, durability, anti-corrosion properties, chrome plating, nice appearance. Such bathtub and shower faucets are resistant to water hammer, mechanical damage, cleaning products. High-quality brass new bathroom sink will last for decades to more than one generation of owners.

In addition to chrome plating, the faucet body can be covered in bronze, copper, nickel, satin, matte or polished, natural stone, ceramics, various fashionable shades or white, black, with the effect of artificial aging.

Types of basin faucets

There are two types of mixers of the sink basin with different control and regulation of the water temperature:

  • Dual handle

  • Single lever

Until recently, two-valve bath sink mixers were the most popular, but now they have faded into the background. There are two valves, when turned, hot and cold water flows. The design is not particularly convenient, it is not always possible to set a comfortable temperature the first time. It is these mixers that are recommended to be installed in houses and apartments where water is heated by means of a gas flow column.

Single-lever faucets have only 1 lever, with which it is easy to adjust the water temperature or stop the flow, if you want to save money, this type will be the best option. The lever can move both from side to side and from bottom to top.

The shut-off valve here is the cartridge, which can be made of ceramic or plastic. Ceramics are more durable, but do not let solid particles through, because of this, they wear out over time, while plastic is not reliable and can break much faster. Let's also single out a spherical cartridge: if water is mixed with a plate in a ceramic cartridge, then here the process takes place in a hollow ball with holes.

Why do you need a sensor faucet

The main difference between a sensor faucet and a conventional mixer is the absence of any control levers. A smart-touch bathroom sink hardware is just a spout without the usual cold and hot water valves, without an on-off lever. In the body of such a tub shower faucet there is a sensor that reacts to movement. The only control system that can be found on the body may be a water adjustment system in the form of a small lever. In many models, contactless technologies are also used to set the temperature - to make water hot or cold, just touch the right or left side of the faucet body.


  1. One of the main advantages of a sensor bathtub shower faucet is its economy. Automatic shutdown of water supply excludes its irrational use. Consequently, it reduces the financial costs of water supply services.
  2. Environmental friendliness. The sensor bathtub faucet set helps to save not only time and money. The rational use of natural resources in recent decades has become the number one problem on a global scale. And automatic mixers can be attributed to innovative technologies that help to rationally use the planet's water resources.
  3. Maximum hygiene. It is this advantage of automatic bathroom sink taps that was first appreciated by the owners and users of public bathrooms. The use of a contactless best bathroom sink faucets does not imply contact between the device and a person. This means that the mixer does not become a breeding ground for bacteria and a source of infection. Which is a huge advantage for public places, catering establishments, children's and medical institutions. There is no need to constantly disinfect the plumbing fixture.
  4. The design of the bathtub tap does not imply the presence of moving valves and control levers. Namely, these parts are the fastest to fail in conventional mixers. Especially with intensive use. Therefore, this plus of sensory mixers is again especially appreciated by the owners of public premises. But for the home, the durability parameter is by no means the last advantage.
  5. Flooding protection. Now you don't have to worry if you turned off the bathtub spigot before leaving the house. The "smart" faucet closed it behind you. And you definitely won’t flood the neighbors from below.
  6. Extra comfort. The sensor faucet already “knows” what temperature of water you like and what pressure you need. That is, as a faithful servant, taking into account all your needs and wishes, will serve you at the highest level. And this, you see, is just nice, in the end.

Floor standing bath mixers

With a major overhaul in the bathroom, you should pay attention to modern types of bath faucets. Their use will give the interior a stylish look and provide maximum comfort during hygiene procedures. The most successful models include floor standing bath mixers. They have a number of features and benefits that you should consider before buying.

Installation features

The floor-standing bathtub water faucet is a stand-alone device that is not attached to the wall or bathtub. Such a mixer is attached directly to the floor, so the installation of this model can only be carried out at the stage of overhaul before the floor covering has been laid.

    If the installation of the floor tub faucet set is already in the renovated bathroom, you can hide the pipes in special boxes installed along the walls. But it is best that the pipes are hidden under the floor covering.

Advantages of floor mixers

  • Possibility to install at any height. Floor models can be installed at any user-friendly height.
  • Versatility of application. Floor models can be installed not only in the bathroom, but also near the pool, on the veranda or near the sauna.
  • Long service life. Floor mixers are most often produced by well-known brands, so the device can be used for a long time without loss of external and operational qualities.
  • Stylish design. The main reason for choosing a floor model lies in its design. This faucet looks stylish and modern.