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Advantages and disadvantages of using carpet in the kitchen

Many doubt the appropriateness of the carpet in the kitchen - it is believed that it is very difficult to care of it there. Is it really? Let's try to understand in this article.

Before buying a carpet for the kitchen, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of such an acquisition. Some of them are obvious, and some you will have to face already during the operation of the carpet. Advantages:

The main advantage of the carpet in the kitchen is the ability to protect you from hypothermia of the feet. This is especially true for kitchens, where the floor is finished with fairly cool tiles or laminate. Also, if you have small children, they may be better off crawling on soft carpet rather than hard surfaces. Yes, and from bruises when falling, the carpet will protect them. 

If you choose the right carpet, it will become a real decoration of the interior. Some styles recommend using carpets not only on the floor, but also on the walls - for example, shabby chic. In this case, the carpet will also act as additional sound insulation.

It is undeniable that rooms with a high-quality and stylish carpet look much more comfortable than with a bare floor. 

With the help of a carpet, you can easily zone the room, highlighting the working and dining area. An additional bonus will be an increase in the safety of laminate and parquet - the carpet will prevent mechanical damage to the flooring. 

However, it must be understood that in addition to the advantages of the carpet laid in the kitchen, there are a number of significant disadvantages:

- If the carpet is located directly in the work area, get ready for the fact that you will often have to clean spilled liquids, pieces of food, etc. from it.

Caring for carpet in the kitchen is quite a difficult task. Therefore, we recommend choosing a coating that is not too fleecy and refuse very light colors, where any stains will be visible.

- On some types of carpet, a greasy coating gradually settles.

- If you decide to lay the carpet on the tiles, you need to buy a carpet with a rubberized bottom so that it does not slip on the floor.

As you can see, most of the disadvantages of carpets are directly related to caring of them. You can avoid them if you buy a carpet made of modern materials, which is designed for use in the kitchen.

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